Verizon (Yahoo!) Email Settings for Android

Setup Verizon Email on Android Phone

Things were pretty rough when you could access your emails on the computer only. But with the evolution of mobile phones, the bridge between people got reduced to a greater extent. Verizon email is one of the widely used email services that connect people professionally.  Setting up Verizon (Yahoo!) email on android phone is not tough as it might appear to the users.

In order to access the emails stored in your Verizon account, you need to link your account with your phone. This post will explain the correct way with the help of which you can easily configure Verizon (Yahoo!) email on an android device. All you need to do is make some changes in the server settings and you’ll be good to go. With Verizon (Yahoo!) linked to your android, you can check your emails conveniently from anywhere at any time.

Configuration required in setting up Verizon (Yahoo!) email on Android phone

Here are the basic server settings that must be applied/changes while performing the configuration of Verizon (Yahoo!) email on an android mobile phone. The values should be checked carefully and must be entered as stated in the table given below-

Attributes Values required
Outgoing port 465
Outgoing server
Authorization required Yes
SSL required ssl
Incoming port 995
Incoming server

Know hows for adding Verizon Email on Android

Here are the things you should consider before beginning the set up of Verizon account on Android-

  • Your android device should be properly connected to the internet. Stable internet connectivity is the key requirement of setting up Verizon email in your android phone. Check that the wifi or mobile data is turned on before initiating the Verizon email settings on android mobile.
  • To start the set up, you’ll need a valid and active Verizon email id/username and password.
  • Taking backup of your important emails is necessary because adding a new account might result into the deletion of the previously saved messages. Though the settings will not affect the data entirely. For safety precaution, you should keep the concerned backup.
  • After the setup is completed successful, you should restart your android phone so that the settings can be applied and the changes get reflected in your device.

How to connect Verizon (Yahoo!) email settings with android mobile?

The settings given below might differ according to the manufacturer, model, type of android phone you own. There might be a few changes here and there but the core configuration will remain the same. The step by step procedure for configuration of Verizon yahoo email on android phone is provided below-

  • Open the “mail” app on your android phone. In some phone, you won’t find this app, so you need to switch to the settings.
  • Choose the “settings” and tap on the “add a new email account” to connect Verizon yahoo email with android.
  • You will then need to select the option “POP3”.
  • Provide your full Verizon (Yahoo!) email address and password in the fields given. Then select the “Manual Setup” option to manually configure Verizon on android.
  • You are then required to input the following information incoming email server settings-
    • Username: Enter your username with which you access Verizon yahoo email account.
    • Password: Enter the password of Verizon account
    • Incoming server:
    • Incoming port: Set the port number to 995
    • Security type: enable the security by tapping the “ssl” option.
    • Tap on the “next” button to proceed to the outgoing server settings.
  • Enter the information given below in the outgoing email server settings screen-
    • Outgoing
    • Outgoing port: set the port number to 465
    • Security type: Tap on the “ssl” option to enable the ssl in the outgoing server.
    • Authorization required: Select the “yes” option
    • Username: Provide your Verizon username
    • Password: Provide the password
    • Choose the ‘next’ button to complete the setup.
  • The setup is now finished. You are required to restart your android mobile to get those settings reflected in your mobile device. One the phone restarts, you can check your emails stored in Verizon Yahoo account easily.

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