Fix Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 2 – Step by Step

Yahoo is continuously enhancing and introducing new features to make its email service more feature-rich and safe for its users. Despite all the efforts, some errors & issues keep ruining the experience of using Yahoo Mail more often than not. Temporary Error 2 is also a very annoying error that is faced by the Yahoo Mail users on quite a regular basis. This error can also appear with the error message “MailboxOpenFailed”.

You should not get panic if you are also encountering this problem because this error is quite common and can be fixed very easily. Keep reading this tutorial to know the cause and steps to fix Yahoo Mail temporary Error 2.

What are the symptoms and causes of Yahoo Webmail Temporary Error 2?

As far as symptoms are concerned they are very clear. When this error occurs, your Yahoo Email fails to load with an error message i.e. “Temporary Error 2” or “MailboxOpenFailed”. There is no fixed issue that can be picked as the primary reason for Yahoo Temporary Error 2. This error can occur due to a lot of reasons. Some of them are given below:

  1. A problem with Yahoo Mail server.
  2. The web browser you are using might not be supported by Yahoo Mail.
  3. There is an accumulation of too many caches in the browser.
  4. This error can also occur when we try to open a Yahoo Email account on multiple devices.
  5. The device on which you are using Yahoo Mail i.e. computer/ laptop or mobile phone might be infected with a virus.

Please note that these are just the handful of a few causes due to which temporary Error 2 in Yahoo Mail can occur. There might be many more malfunctioning in your Yahoo Email account or device that can cause such an issue.

How to fix Yahoo Email Temporary Error 2?

Given below are the steps that you should follow to resolve Yahoo Mail temporary 2 with ease. Remember that the steps we are going to list here are progressive in nature. You should follow them one by one without skipping any of the steps.

 1st Step: Wait for a few hours and try again

  • Most of the Yahoo Mail temporary errors including temporary error 2 get resolved automatically within a few hours.
  • It is better to wait for a little while before starting to troubleshoot Yahoo webmail temporary error 2.
  • In case the problem continues to occur for a prolonged period of time then you should follow the 2nd step given below.

2nd Step: Log out of Yahoo Mail account from all computer and mobile devices.

  • If the nuisance of the error continues then you should sign out of Yahoo Mail account.
  • Remember you need to sign out of Yahoo Mail from all computer and mobile device from which you are currently logged in.

3rd Step: Check your web browser and ensure that is compatible with yahoo mail

  • Using a compatible browser is very important not only to get rid of the temporary errors but also to improve the overall functionality of the Yahoo mail.
  • For the finest performance of a Yahoo Email account, you should choose any of the following web browsers.
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • Safari
    • Edge (this browser comes pre-installed with Windows 10)
  • Please note that Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Yahoo webmail.

4th Step: Clear the cache of your web browser

  • If you are using a compatible browser then the accumulation of cache might be the reason behind the Yahoo Temporary Error 2.
  • The step to clear cache depends upon the web browser you are using. Mozilla Firefox user can follow the steps given below to do the same.
    • Click on the menu (three horizontal bars icon) from the top.
    • Then, click on the “Option” button from the drop-down menu that will open.
    • Select the “Privacy & Security” tab from the left-hand side panel.
    • Click on the “Clear Data” button that must be appearing under “Cookies and Site Data”.
  • If you are using any other browser then you should check the steps to clear cache from the official website of the developer of your web browser.

5th Step: Restart the browser and device on which you are using Yahoo email

  • In case clearing the cache does not help you resolve the temporary error 2 on Yahoo email account then you should close the web browser and also shut down your device.
  • After shutting down the device properly, you should restart it and open your web browser once again.
  • Then, load Yahoo mail once again and see if the problem gets resolved or not.
  • Now, the error should get resolved. However, if it continues then you should move on the next step.

6th Step: Contact Yahoo Support

  • Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do but to seek help for Yahoo Customer service if the problem continues even after following the steps discussed above.

How to access yahoo mail immediately when Temporary Error 2 occurs?

It is very frustrating to face an error when you have to send or receive an urgent email. If you are facing a similar situation due to Yahoo temporary error 2 and want to access your email account instantly then you should check the instruction below:

  • Yahoo Email temporary error 2 is generally associated with web browsers.
  • You can still access your email account swiftly using the Yahoo Mail app.
  • Android user can install the Yahoo Mail app from the play store and iPhone users can install it from the app store.
  • After installing the app, you may log in to your account and check your emails easily.

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