Fix Temporary Error 14 in Yahoo Mail

There is no email service that is completely immune to different types of errors and issues. Yahoo Mail is not an exception. Every now and then, we can see Yahoo Mail users complaining about different types of technical and non-technical glitches. One such technical glitch is Yahoo Mail temporary Error 14. This error occurs when the users try to access their Yahoo email account. If you are also facing this error then you should not get panic at all because it is very easy to resolve this issue.

As the name itself suggests, Yahoo Mail temporary Error 14 is momentary in nature. Most of the time, this error get resolved automatically within a few hours. However, if the error message keeps on occurring for a prolonged period of time then you should take the necessary measure to fix it. In this tutorial, we will discuss the steps to fix Yahoo Email temporary error 14 with ease.

Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 14 – General Overview

The temporary error 14 in Yahoo Mail is a server related issue. That’s why; it is independent of the device you are using. You may have to face this error on a laptop, computer or mobile phone. When temporary error 14 occurs, the Yahoo email account of the user becomes unresponsive with the following message appearing on the screen – “We’re experiencing some technical difficulties”. As the problem is related to the Yahoo server, it is very difficult for you to fix it from your end.

Apart from the server issue, this error can also occur due to a slight malfunctioning in your browser. So, there are a few measures that you can try to fix Yahoo Mail error 14.

Steps to get rid of Yahoo Temporary Error 14

Generally, there are very limited things that a user can do in order to get rid of Yahoo Mail server errors like temporary error 14. Nonetheless, we have compiled a list of general steps that you may follow to resolve Yahoo webmail temporary error 14.

Step: 1 – Wait for a few hours.

  • This error indicates that there is a temporary technical glitch on Yahoo Mail server which should get fixed automatically within a few hours.
  • It is strongly recommended that you should wait for a few hours before making any changes to your browser or device settings.
  • In case the problem continues for an extended period of time then you should move on to the 2nd

Step: 2 – Sign out of your Yahoo email account on all the devices.

  • If the temporary error 14 is not getting fixed automatically then you should log out of your Yahoo mail account.
  • Remember you should not only log out from the particular device you are using but also from the other devices where you are signed in to Yahoo.
  • For example – If you are logged in to Yahoo on a computer browser and mobile phone then you should log out of Yahoo from both computer and mobile phone.

Step: 3 – Ensure that you are using a compatible browser to use Yahoo Mail

  • Yahoo email service is known for showing a lot of errors and issues on an incompatible browser. It is possible that your browser might be a reason why you are facing Temporary Error 14 on Yahoo Mail.
  • According to the official website of Yahoo, Yahoo mail supports the following browsers – Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Edge.

Note: Yahoo Mail no longer supports Internet Explorer.

Step: 4 – Clear the cache memory of your browser

  • Accumulation of too many caches in the browser is also responsible for many temporary errors in Yahoo Email.
  • The method to clear cache is different for all the browsers. If you are using Google Chrome then you should check the steps given below:
    • Open Chrome and click “Menu” (three dots icon) from the top right corner of the window.
    • Select “Settings” from the drop-down that will open.
    • Click on the “Advanced” button.
    • Then, you should click on the “Clear Browsing Data” button.
    • Select the time range for which you want to clear the cache and click “Clear data”.
  • Run Yahoo Mail again after clearing the cache and check if the problem gets resolved or not.

Step: 5 – Restart browser and device.

  • In case the problem continues then you should close the browser and shut down your device.
  • Restart your device and browser once again and check if Yahoo Mail is working properly or not.

Step: 6 – Scan your device with a good antivirus

  • Malware can also cause your Yahoo mail account to show different malfunctioning.
  • To fix such issues, you should run a deep scan on your device using a good antivirus.
  • Make sure the antivirus software you are using is updated and capable to detect the malware.

Step: 7 – Contact Yahoo Customer Service.

  • You should be able to fix temporary Error 14 in Yahoo Mail after following the six steps illustrated above. In case the error is still not resolved then it is better to contact Yahoo support for further assistance.

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