Wave broadband Email Setup on Android Phone

Wave broadband Email Settings for Android Phone

The email configuration for Wave broadband is not as tough or tricky as it might appear to the users. The process to setup Wave broadband email on android device is relatively easier than the one done on a computer. With a few changes here and there in the settings, you can access your emails conveniently anytime and from anywhere.

Now you need not rely on the computers to check your email as by linking the Wave broadband, you can simply check those emails in your android mobile phone. The configuration can be done by both the POP and IMAP settings. However, there are certain users who still prefer POP over IMAP. This post will talk you through the step by step procedure on how to setup Wave broadband email on android using POP configuration.

Email settings for Wave broadband

To connect your Wave broadband email account on android, you need to tweak some changes in the server settings. The incoming and outgoing server settings should be done properly as per the information given in the table.

Attribute Value
Incoming server mail.wavecable.com
Incoming port 110
Outgoing server mail.wavecable.com
Outgoing port 25
SSL required None
Authorization required Yes

Important instructions for configuring Wave broadband email on android

You are suggested to go through the following instructions before initiating the set up.

  1. You are advised to take a backup of the important files/emails before configuring Wave broadband email on your phone. This will prevent the loss of data during the changes you’ll be making. Through the set up won’t adversely affect your data. But for a safer side, you should keep the concerned backup.
  2. The configuration in some android device might differ slightly as per the manufacturer, model and type of android one possess. Here you should not worry as the process will remain more or less the same with a few changes here and there.
  3. You must have stable internet connectivity in order to link Wave broadband email with android mobile. Check that the wifi or mobile data is turned on while performing the set up.
  4. You need an active username and password of Wave broadband in order to configure the email in android phone.
  5. It is important to restart the device after you have completed the set up. This way the settings will get applied to your phone and you can use it to check your emails conveniently.

How to set up Wave broadband on android manually?

To manually set up Wave broadband on android phone, here’s what you need to do-

  • Start by selecting the “mail” app on your android phone and then go to the settings. Some android mobile may not possess this app. In this case, users can go straight to the settings.
  • Select the “add a new email account” option to link your email with android device.
  • When asked, choose the “POP3” option from the list given on your mobile screen.
  • Now you need to provide your full email address, username and password in the next field. Once done with that, you need to tap the “manual setup” option.
  • Enter the following details under the incoming email server settings-

    • Username: Type your email address in this field
    • Incoming port: Set the port number to 110
    • Incoming server:wavecable.com
    • Password: Type the password of Wave broadband email in this field.
    • Type of security: Turn of the security by selecting the “none” option.
    • Hit the ‘next” button to go to the outgoing mail server configuration
  • Here are the details to be entered in the outgoing email server settings-

    • Outgoing port: Set the outgoing port number to 25
    • Outgoing server: wavecable.com
    • Username: Enter the username or email address of Wave broadband account
    • Password: Provide the password with which you access Wave broadband email
    • Security type: Choose the “none” option
    • Authorization needed/ sign-in required: Select the “yes” option to enable the authorization feature.
    • Select the “next” button to complete the set up.

Congratulations! You have successfully configured Wave broadband email on your android phone. Now you are just one step away from using the same. Simply restart the phone so that the settings can be applied and reflected in your phone. Thereafter, you can check the emails stored in Wave broadband account.