Android – Setup Frontier Email on android phone

Frontier email users often seem confused when they try to setup their email account on android phone. This happens because the configuration looks a little tricky to them. The setup for Frontier email on a computer is a lot more complicated when compared with the mobile one. With a few changes in the incoming and outgoing email server settings, you can link your frontier email with android device quite easily.

The chief benefit one can derive from Frontier email settings for android is the convenience of accessing emails anytime from anywhere. In order to connect your frontier email account with android device, you need to follow the step by step procedure on how to add frontier email on android as explained in the post. This article will act as a guide to the users who face difficulty in settings frontier email in their mobile devices.

Things to remember before you set up frontier email on android

Before we begin with the set up, it is necessary for you to go through the basic requirements needed to know the Frontier email setup for android.  Few things you should bear in mind before starting the installation are given below-

  1. Ensure that you have created a backup of important files and emails before initiating the setup. Although, the settings won’t alter the data stored in your frontier email account as a safety precaution, you are required to backup the necessary emails.
  2. Your android phone must be connected to the internet through wifi or mobile data.
  3. Restarting the device after you’re done with the configuration should not be neglected.
  4. You must have access to the frontier account to configure frontier email on android. The username and password are mandatory for the settings to take place.

Frontier email server settings

Here are the email server settings to connect frontier account on android device-

Attribute Value
Incoming server
Outgoing server
Incoming port 995
Outgoing port 465
SSL status SSL
Authentication required yes

Steps to configure frontier email on android mobile phone

The settings given below might vary a little based on the model and brand of android phone one owns. Therefore, you are required to proceed accordingly in order to add your frontier email on android. You can opt for any one of the methods given below that works for you. Frontier email setup for android phone can be done in two ways, i.e. automatic or manual. Here are the installation steps required for both of these methods.

Automatic configuration

The steps to automatically setup Frontier email on android phone are mentioned below. Follow the instructions as told in to correctly add frontier account in android mobile-

  • Go to settings on your phone or tap the “mail” icon in the tools section on your android phone.
  • Now select the “Accounts” option
  • From there, you need to tap the “Add account’ option to add Frontier email in android
  • Go to the “email” and choose “Yahoo”
  • Now you need to enter your full Frontier email address in the corresponding field.
  • Tap on the “next” button and follow the instructions further.
  • Now you’ll be asked to provide your Frontier email password.
  • In the end, you need to agree to the terms of service so as to gain access to your email account.

Manual configuration

  • Go to the “mail” app on your android phone and choose settings in order to add a new email account.
  • Now tap on the “add a new account” option and choose “POP3”.
  • Provide your full Frontier email address and password.
  • Then select the “Manual Setup” option.
  • Provide the information in the given field for incoming server settings-
    • Username: Provide your username that you use to access Frontier email account
    • Security type: ssl
    • Password: Enter your password
    • Incoming
    • Incoming port: Set the port number to 995
    • Choose the ‘next’ button and follow further instructions.
  • Now you need to make some changes in the outgoing server settings:
    • Outgoing
    • Username: Enter your username
    • Password: Provide your Frontier password
    • Outgoing port: Set the port number to 465
    • Security type: enable the SSL by choosing “yes” option
    • Authorization required: yes
    • Choose ‘next’.
  • You need to provide your preferences in the following screen and then give a personal name to the account. Frontier email setting for android phone is now completed. Now you need to restart your mobile phone to let these settings reflect in your android.