Roadrunner Email on Android Phone – POP/IMAP Settings

Emails are one of the fastest ways to communicate with people professionally or otherwise. There are numerous email services provided by different tech giants that let users connect with others with a simple click. Roadrunner email is one such email that gives the user a hassle-free experience of sending/receiving emails. The email service can not only be used on computers but on smartphones too. In order to access roadrunner email on your android phone, you need to link roadrunner account with your android.

Linking roadrunner email in android devices is considered a tedious job when users do not follow the procedure properly. Roadrunner email users who wish to use the email services in their android phone can easily connect their account with a few changes in the settings. Through this tutorial, you’ll get to know how to connect roadrunner email on android mobile phone.

Basic configuration required for roadrunner email setup

Before initiating the roadrunner email settings for android, you need to make sure that the given fields are set according to the data mentioned in the table-

Attributes Configuration
Requires sign-in Yes
Incoming port 110
Outgoing port 25
Incoming server
Outgoing server
SSL incoming None

How to add roadrunner email on android phone

The steps to configure roadrunner email on your android mobile are mentioned below. The settings might differ according to the model and brand of android a user possess. However, the majority of configuration will remain the same no matter which phone you own. Therefore, make sure you proceed accordingly.

  • Go to the settings on your android phone. (some android users might find mail app separately)
  • Now select the “add new account” followed by “POP3”.
  • Hit the “next” button to proceed further.
  • Manually enter the email id and password of your roadrunner account and tap the “next” button.
  • Now, enter the following information for incoming server settings-
    • Server: (write down your location in the location part, for example if you’re living in Washington dc then you need to write
    • Port: Set the port number to 110
    • Security type: None
    • Username: Enter your complete username including the part
    • Password: Provide the password of roadrunner email account
    • Once done with the changes, you need to tap the “next“ option.
  • Now you are required to make changes in outgoing server settings. Enter the following information in the corresponding fields-
    • Server: (domain will vary based on your location, for example if you are residing in maine, then you need to set this field to
    • Require sign-in: yes
    • Username: Provide your roadrunner account username with domain attached to it.
    • Password: Enter roadrunner email password.
    • Port: Set the port number to 587 or 25
    • Security type: Not required
    • Hit the “next” button followed by another “next”.
    • Now, you need to type a name in the “Your name” field. When someone receives an email from you, this will be the name they will be shown.
    • Tap the “Next“ button to complete the setup.

Now that you’ve successfully setup your Roadrunner email account on your Android device, make sure to restart the device to let those changes take over.

Important note:  In case the incoming and outgoing server settings stated above does not work, then you may try the following settings to link roadrunner email on android phone-

  • Incoming server:
  • Outgoing server :

Things to remember

Users wishing to setup roadrunner email in their android phone should take a look at the key instructions before they begin linking roadrunner on android.

  1. Make sure that your mobile phone is connected to the internet (either through wifi or mobile network) and you are getting a stable internet speed.
  2. While the steps given in the post won’t affect your data but as a safety precaution, you should keep a backup of the important emails stored in your roadrunner account.
  3. In order to let the changes take over, you need to restart your phone once you’re done completing the configuration. You can check your emails in roadrunner account after restarting the android device.