Netscape Email Settings for Android Phone

Netscape email users can now easily add Netscape email on their android devices. With a few changes in the settings, you can access your emails on android phone. Setting Netscape on android phone is way much simpler than doing the same on a computer. Gone are the days when you could access your emails only through the computers. With the mobile coming into the main picture, you no longer need to rely on a computer to access your Netscape email account.

In order to set up Netscape email on android, you need to make some changes in the incoming and outgoing servers. The process of installing Netscape on mobile can be done with the help of POP settings. The steps by step procedure for connecting Netscape with android mobile are given in the post. Netscape email users who want to switch their account to android phone can do so with the help of settings explained below.

Configuration of Netscape email setup on android

The incoming and outgoing email server settings required for linking Netscape account in android phone is mentioned below. Make sure that the fields are set according to the values stated in the table.

Attribute Values required
Outgoing server
Outgoing port 25
Incoming server
Incoming port 110
SSL incoming required None
Authorization needed Yes

Pre-requisites of adding Netscape email on android phone

It is important for you to know certain things before jumping straight to the configuration/ installation of Netscape email on your android mobile phone. You should follow the instructions given below to properly set up Netscape account on your phone.

  • Before we begin the process of linking Netscape in your android, you need to make sure that your phone is well connected to the internet. Check if it is connected to wifi or not. If you are using mobile network then turn on the mobile data so that the setup can be done properly.
  • Take a backup of all the important emails and files/documents you had on your Netscape account. The configuration process will not alter anything stored on your account as a safety precaution you should keep the required backup.
  • You must possess a valid username and password in order to set up Netscape on android.
  • Restart your phone as soon as you are done completing the set up. You can use Netscape to check your emails after the phone is restarted.

How to set up Netscape email on Android mobile?

Since there are numerous brand and model of android devices available in the market, the settings in some phone might differ slightly. Therefore, you need to proceed accordingly keeping in mind the model and brand of android device you currently own. Given below is the process on “how to configure Netscape email on Android mobile”-

  • Begin the process by selecting the “mail” app. Now choose the “settings” tab to set up Netscape email. In some android phone, the “mail” app might not even be there, so you can jump to the settings part and follow the course as stated.
  • Now tap on the “add a new email account” option and select “POP3”.
  • Enter your full Netscape email address and password in the fields given on the screen of your phone.
  • Tap on the “Manual Setup” option and provide the information for incoming server.
  • You need to give the following information in the incoming email server settings screen-
    • Username: Enter the email id or username with which you access your Netscape account.
    • Incoming port: The incoming port number should be set to 110
    • Security type: Choose the “none” option
    • Password: Enter the password of Netscape email account
    • Incoming server:
    • Hit the ‘next’ button and go to the outgoing server settings.
  • Provide the following information in the outgoing email server settings screen-
    • Outgoing
    • Outgoing port: Set the port number to 25
    • Security type: Choose the “none” option from the list
    • Authorization required: Select “yes”
    • Username: Enter your username
    • Password: Mention your password
    • Choose the ‘next’ button.

The email configuration on a mobile device is now done successfully. It is highly recommended that you restart the android so that the changes you’ve just made can be reflected in your phone.