Setup NetAddress Email on iPhone – Settings for Iphone

NetAddress is a quite popular email service that is made available by Apart from the web version, you can also use your NetAddress email account on iPhone as well. In order to access NetAddress emails on an iPhone, you can simply visit on the safari browser. However, the experience of NetAddress email on Safari web-browser is not that great as compared to setting up NetAddress Email on iPhone using IMAP/ POP.

It is relatively easy to configure NetAddress Emails on iPhone for the user who knows how to install POP/ IMAP settings on an iOS device. However, it is a bit tricky to set up NetAddress Emails on iPhone for the new users. If you are a new user and wondering how to connect NetAddress with iPhone then this post can help you significantly. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned in this post and send/ receive NetAddress emails on your iPhone with ease.

NetAddress Email POP Settings for iPhone

The pop3 settings that enable you to use NetAddress email ID on iPhone are illustrated in the table given below:

Incoming server host name
Incoming Port 110
SSL (Incoming Security Server) None
Outgoing server host name
Outgoing Port 25
Requires sign in/ Authentication required Yes

It can be immensely difficult for a new user to simply add these settings on iPhone to set up NetAddress Email straightaway with any error. That’s why we have discussed NetAddress Configuration steps for iPhone below in this post.

Precautions setting up NetAddress Email account on an iPhone

It is often said that precaution is better than the cure. So, here are some general precautions that you should take before you move on to link NetAddress Email account with your iPhone.

  1. First of all, make sure your iPhone/ iPad have smooth internet connectivity. Having a good internet connection is very important because the information you will provide during the configuration will be verified from the server. So, if you are not connected to the internet then you may face different errors.
  2. Make sure you have the correct email address, username and password of your NetAddress email account. If you can’t remember your password then you can reset it through NetAddress Email password recovery.

Note: Most of the time, username is the first part of your NetAddress email that precedes the domain name. Let’s suppose your NetAddress email address is then your username can be “Example”. However, it is not necessary.

  1. You should take a backup of the important emails before making any major changes to your NetAddress Email settings.

How to configure NetAddress Email on your iPhone?

Here is the simplest step by step procedure to set up your NetAddress email account on an iPhone.

  1. Go to the home screen on your iPhone/ iPad and select “settings” app.
  2. In the settings app, you need to open the “Mail, Contacts and Calendars” settings.
  3. As you are looking to add NetAddress email account to your iPhone, you need to tap “Add Account”.
  4. The list of famous email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud will now appear on your screen. As NetAddress IMAP/ POP settings are not pre-configured on iPhone, you have to tap “Other” button available below the list.
  5. Tap “Add Mail Account” and provide details about your NetAddress Email account as given below:
    1. Name: Enter your full name (This name will show in the “from” field in the emails that you will send.
    2. Email: Enter your complete NetAddress Email address.
    3. Password: Type in the password of your NetAddress email account.
    4. Description: Enter “NetAddress” or you can also type other short description as your preference.
  6. Tap “next” and select the “POP3” option from the top of the window.
  7. Now, you have to scroll down and enter the NetAddress “Incoming mail Server” information as follows:
    1. Incoming server Hostname:
    2. Username: Enter your NetAddress Email address/ username.
    3. Password: Provide the password of your email password.
  8. After that, you just have to scroll down a bit and enter the information given below under “Outgoing mail server”.
    1. Outgoing server Hostname:
    2. Username: Enter the username of your NetAddress email account
    3. Password: your NetAddress password.
  9. Then, you should press the “save” button and select the NetAddress email account you just added on the next screen.
  10. Now, scroll down and choose the “SMTP” option under “Outgoing mail server”.
  11. Select “” under the “primary/ main” server and ensure that the following info is displaying.
    1. Server port: 25
    2. SSL: None
  12. If the information is displaying correctly then you should tap “Done” and go back to the previous screen.
  13. Here, you need to select “Advanced” and verify the following details.
    1. SSL: none
    2. Server port:
  14. Go back to the previous screen once again and restart your iPhone.

You can now check NetAddress Email on the “Mail” app on your iPhone/ iPad device.

Other Important Notes:

  • Please note that some steps discussed in this post may vary according to the model of iPhone you are using. However, the general settings will remain unaltered for all the iPhone including, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone X etc.
  • Always verify the NetAddress Email information before adding them on iPhone. Otherwise, you may encounter an error or issue.
  • If you are looking to sync NetAddress Email on iPhone then you may check user manual of the iPhone you are using.