Mediacom email on iPhone – Settings for Mediacom email configuration on iPhone

Over the years, Emails have given a new dimension to professional communication. No matter you have to promote your business or you just want to send a leave application, emails can do it for you. Nowadays, you can even access emails on your smartphone as well. If you are a Mediacom email account user then you can access Mediacom emails on iPhone. Knowing how to set up Mediacom email on an iPhone properly is important as it can help you avoid a lot of inconvenience in the future.

You should know that IMAP/ POP are the protocols that enable Mediacom email configuration on iPhone. In this tutorial, you will get to know the Mediacom POP settings for iPhone as well as the steps by which you can add Mediacom emails on iPhone with ease.

Things to know before you use Mediacom email account on an iPhone

You should take a look at some of the important points that you should remember before you start to add email account on iPhone.

  1. Make sure you have proper internet connectivity on your iPhone. It is very important that you check the wifi or mobile data connection before starting configuration.
  2. In order to link Mediacom email with your iPhone you should know your complete Mediacom email address and username. Usually, the username is the initial part of your email address. For example – in case your Mediacom email address is “” then your username should be “abc”.
  3. Password of your Mediacom email account is also a requirement in order to set it up on iPhone. If you forget Mediacom password then you should reset it before you look to set up Mediacom emails on your smartphone.

Mediacom POP settings for iPhone configuration

If you know how to add an email account on iPhone manually then you should check the Mediacom POP3 settings for iPhone as given below.

Incoming server hostname
Incoming port 995
SSL (Incoming server security) SSL
Outgoing server hostname
Outgoing server Port 465
Require sign-in/ Password requirement Yes

Once the users enter these settings on the iPhone, they will be able to send and receive Mediacom emails on their iPhone.

How do I Configure Mediacom email on iPhone?

If you have added an email account previously on your iPhone then you should check the POP settings mentioned in the table above. However, the new users can check the process to set up a Mediacom email account on an iPhone as given below:

  1. To initiate Mediacom configuration on an iPhone, you should open “settings” menu from the Home screen of your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down a little bit and touch the “Mail, contacts and calendars” option.
  3. As you are looking to add Medicom email, you need to tap “Add Account”.
  4. Now, a list of popular email service providers will display on your screen. The POP/ IMAP settings for Medicom are not pre-configured on iPhone. So, you need to tap “Other” option available below the list.
  5. Select “Add Mail Account” and provide the following information.
    1. Name: Enter your name (remember this name will appear in the “from” field in the email you will send)
    2. Email: Enter your Mediacom email address.
    3. Password: Here, you just need to enter the password of your Mediacom email account.
    4. Description: Type “Mediacom” or enter any other short description as per your choice.
  6. Tap “Next” and highlight “POP3” from the top of the next page that will appear.
  7. Enter the following information under the “Incoming mail server”.
    1. Incoming server hostname:
    2. Username: enter your Mediacom username.
    3. Password: Provide the password of your Mediacom email address.
  8. Scroll down to find the “Outgoing Mail Server” option. Under this option, you should enter the following information.
    1. Outgoing server hostname:
    2. Username: type in your Mediacom username
    3. Password: enter Mediacom email password.
  9. Press “Save” once you are down with entering the information.
  10. Select the Mediacom email address you just added.
  11. Now, select “SMTP” option under the “Outgoing mail server”.
  12. Choose “” under the “primary server / main server” and ensure that the following information is appearing.
    1. Server port: 465
    2. SSL: SSL
  13. If the information is appearing correctly then you should tap on the “Done” button and go back to the previous screen.
  14. Select “Advanced” and make sure that the following information is correct.
    1. SSL: SSL
    2. Server port:
  15. You may now go back to the last screen and restart your iPhone to finish Mediacom setup.

Some tips and tricks for seamless Configuration

  1. Please note that some of the steps we have mentioned in this post can vary according to the model of your iPhone. For example – the method of setting up the Mediacom email account on iPhone 6s is different from the step to configure Mediacom emails on latest iPhone X.
  2. Always verify the IMAP/POP settings and other information after entering because a minor misplaced number or letter can lead to an error.
  3. Users who are looking to sync their Mediacom email with an iPhone can check the further instruction on Mediacom website.
  4. The steps illustrated in this post are also applicable for iPad and iPod touch.