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iPhone – Setup email on iphone is an exceedingly reliable email service that is known for its unique and secure features.  Additionally, it also offers the flexibility of choosing the email address domain. The emails are accessible on both computer and smartphone. If you have an iPhone then you can access your emails in it quite easily. You can use Safari or other browsers to load the web version of Alternatively, you can also Setup email on iPhone using IMAP/ POP protocols.

Setting up email on your iPhone using IMAP/ POP is recommended over webmail version because of better functionality. Keep reading this post to know the IMAP/ POP settings for using email on an iPhone. Additionally, here you will also find the steps to configure on iPhone effortlessly.

Access emails on iPhone using IMAP

IMAP is recommended over POP3 because of greater flexibility and security. The IMAP settings you need to install in order to use email on iPhone are given below:

Incoming Server hostname Incoming server port 993
TLS/ SSL required Yes
Outgoing server hostname
Outgoing server port 587
Authentication Requirement/ Requires sign in Yes

If you don’t know how to use IMAP/ POP settings to access email messages on iPhone then you should check the steps mentioned below in this post.

What are the pre-requisites to add email account on an iPhone?

Before we check out the step by step process to connect email with your iPhone, you should ensure that you have the following things with you.

  1. com Email Address/ Username: You should have your complete email address / username handy before starting configuration on iPhone. Username of your account precedes the domain name in an email address. For example – Imagine your email address is then your username is “abc”.
  2. com Password: Apart from the email address, you should also know the password of your email ID. You should run the password recovery in case of forgetting the password.
  3. An uninterrupted internet connection: The information that you will provide will be verified from the server, that’s why it is necessary that you have a smooth internet connection.

Set up emails on iPhone

Here are the steps that you may follow in order to link emails with iPhone.

  1. Pick up your iPhone and open “Settings” app from the home screen.
  2. In the settings menu, you need to open “Mail, Contacts, and calendars”.
  3. Tap “Add Account” as you are looking to add your email account on iPhone. Doing this will open a list of famous email accounts such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo on your screen.
  4. The IMAP/ POP settings of are not pre-configured on iPhone. That’s why you should pick “other” option from the bottom of the screen.
  5. Select “Add mail contact” option and provide the following information regarding your email account.
    1. Name: Enter your full name. (This will be your display name whenever you will send someone an email)
    2. Email: Enter your email address.
    3. Password: Provide the password of your email address
    4. Description: Type “” ( You can also enter another short description as per your choice)
  6. Select “IMAP” from the top of the page and type the following information under “Incoming mail server”
    1. com Incoming server Hostname:
    2. Username: Enter the username of your account
    3. Password: email password.
  7. Just below the incoming mail server, you can see the option to enter “Outgoing mail server” information. Here, you should enter the following information.
    1. Outgoing Server Hostname:
    2. Username: Enter the username of your email ID
    3. Password: provide your password.
  8. After entering the server information you need to tap “Save”.
  9. Select “SMTP” option under the “Outgoing mail server”.
  10. Choose “” as the main server and ensure that the information given below is displaying correctly.
    1. SSL: ssl
    2. Server port: 587
  11. Select “Done” and then go back to the last screen. Here, you should open the “Advanced” option and ensure that the following information is correctly appearing.
    1. SSL: ssl
    2. Server port:
  12. To finish the iPhone setup you need to go back the previous screen again and restart iPhone.

We should not forget that the procedure to the set up a email ID on an iPhone also depends upon your model of iPhone. For instance – the steps to configure emails on iPhone 6 can vary slightly from the steps for iPhone X.

Still can’t add email account on your iPhone?

 If your email not working on an iPhone then you should check the instruction given below:

  • First of all, check your incoming and outgoing mail server settings. If you can’t send email from iPhone then it is quite possible that the problem is due to incorrect SMTP settings.
  • Recheck the account information you have provided i.e. email address, username and password.
  • In case the problem continues then you can also opt for POP configuration. The POP3 settings for adding email on iPhone are given below.
    • Incoming server hostname:
    • Incoming server port: 995
    • SSL/ TLS: Yes
    • Outgoing server:
    • Outgoing port: 587

If emails still not working on iPhone then you should report the issue to support.