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Setup Godaddy Email on an iPhone

Nowadays, your mobile phone is no longer a device just to make and receive phone calls. With technological advancement, your smartphone can now be used to access various services including emails. If you have an iPhone and want to use it to access your Godaddy emails then you can do it with ease. In order to do that, you just have to set up Godaddy email on iPhone using POP or IMAP. After completing the setup process, you can easily send and receive Godaddy Email from your iPhone easily.

You can also use Godaddy Email on iPhone using the Safari browser as well. However, for better flexibility and synchronization, setting up Godaddy Email on iPhone using POP/ IMAP is preferred. Through this article, you can check the Godaddy Email IMAP settings for iPhone. Additionally, we will also describe the step by step procedure to configure your Godaddy Email account on iPhone effortlessly.

Requirements to configure Godaddy Email on iPhone

No matter if you Opt for IMAP or POP, there are certain things that you need to have in order to add Godaddy Email on iPhone as given below:

  1. Wifi or Mobile Internet Connection: In order to verify the settings that you will add from the Godaddy server, it is important that you have a stable internet connection. To check your internet connection, you should open a website in the Safari browser of your iPhone. In case you are not connected to the internet then you should fix your internet before starting Godaddy email configuration on iPhone.
  2. Godaddy Email address and Username: In order to link Godaddy Email on iPhone, you need to provide your Godaddy Email address and username. Remember the email address and username will be verified from the server, so it is important that you enter these details correctly.
  3. Godaddy Email password: You will be able to access Godaddy Email on iPhone only if you provide the correct password. In case you forget Godaddy password then you should reset the password first then configure your account.

If you have all three things mentioned above then you can start the Godaddy Email iPhone set up process. 

IMAP settings to Connect Godaddy Email with iPhone

The IMAP settings in order to check Godaddy Email on your iPhone is elaborated in the table given below:

Incoming Server Hostname
Incoming mail port 143
SSL (Incoming Server Security) SSL
Outgoing Server Hostname
Outgoing mail port 465
Requires Sign-in/ Authentication requirement Yes

IMAP settings are more preferred as compared to POP because of better synchronization facility. However, if you are going to use your Godaddy email account on a single device then you may also opt for POP settings.

How to setup Godaddy Email on your iPhone?

The IMAP settings to add Godaddy Email on iPhone are mentioned in the table illustrated above. However, if you don’t know you to configure these settings on an iPhone then you should follow the steps given below:

  1. First of all, you need to open settings (gear icon) from your iPhone home screen.
  2. In the settings, you need to find and open “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” settings. This will open a list of all email accounts added in your iPhone.
  3. Then, you need to scroll down and tap on the “Add Account” button.
  4. A list of different popular email services will now appear on your screen. As Godaddy email is not on the list, you should tap on the “other” button from the bottom of the list.
  5. Now, for adding Godaddy Email account, you should tap on the “Add Mail Account” button. This button is available under the “Mail” section.
  6. Enter the following information related to your Godaddy Email account.
    1. Name: Enter your name correctly (The name you will provide in this field will appear on the “From” field in the emails that you will send)
    2. Email: Provide your full Godaddy Email address.
    3. Password: Enter Godaddy Email password.
    4. Description: Type any short description as per your choice.
  7. Click on the “Next” button available the top right corner of the screen.
  8. On the next screen, you should highlight “IMAP” from the top of the page.
  9. After that, you should feed the following information under the “Incoming Mail Server”.
    1. Incoming Mail Hostname:
    2. Username: Enter your Godaddy email username
    3. Password: Enter the password of your Godaddy Email account.
  10. Similarly to the “incoming mail server” you should also enter the “Outgoing mail server” information as given below:
    1. Outgoing Mail Host Name:
    2. Username: Your Godaddy Email username
    3. Password: The password of your Godaddy Email account.
  11. After entering the server info, you should tap on the “save” button and select the Godaddy email account from the next screen.
  12. Make sure to select “” under the “Main/ Primary Server” and ensure that the information given below is appearing.
    1. SSL: SSL
    2. Server port: 465
  13. After that, you should tap “Done” and move back to the last screen. Here, you need to choose “Advanced” and make sure that the following information is correct.
    1. SSL: SSL
    2. Server port:
  14. That’s it, now you can simply restart your iPhone in order to save the changes.

Other Helpful Instructions

  1. You can find some variations in the steps to set up Godaddy Email on iPhone depending upon the model of iPhone you are using. However, the general procedure will remain the same.
  2. In case you are unable to send or receive Godaddy emails on iPhone then you should recheck the settings you have entered.
  3. If the problem persists then you can also opt for POP settings. You can check the POP settings to use Godaddy email on iPhone from the official website of Godaddy.
  4. You may also follow the steps given in this post if you are looking to set up Godaddy Email on iPad/ iPod touch.