iPhone – Setup Embarq Email on iPhone

Embarq Email iPhone configuration – Settings

Users can check their Embarq email account through CenturyLink. The old Embarq email login doesn’t work now. The good thing is that you can use your previous username and password.

Accessing your Embarq email account now is easier than ever before. You can check your emails on the web as well as on your android or iPhone.

If you are an iPhone user then you can use Embarq email account either via safari browser or by setting up Embarq email on iPhone using IMAP/ POP.

It is recommended to set up Embarq email on iPhone because by doing this you will be able to access Embarq email through the “Mail” App of your iPhone.

Sending/ receiving Embarq email using the “Mail” app is more convenient as compared to the safari browser.

This article is going to help those users who are looking to set up Embarqmail email on iPhone. Here, we will take you through the settings and steps to configure Embarq email on iPhone effortlessly.

Things you should have before starting Embarq email iPhone configuration

Before you start to add Embarq email on an iPhone, you should make sure that you have the following things.

  1. Fast and uninterrupted internet connection: All the information that you will provide during the configuration process will be verified from the server. So, it is extremely important that you have a stable internet connection while setting up the Embarq Email account on iPhone. You should also make sure that your iPhone is not on airplane mode. If it so then you should switch it back to the normal mode before starting the configuration.
  2. Embarq email address and username: You should also know the complete email address of your Embarq email account. Apart from the email address, you should also know the username of your Embarq account. Generally, the username of an email account is that part of your email address that precedes the “@” sign.
  3. Password of Embarq email account: You require logging into your Embarq email account while setting it up on iPhone. That’s why it is necessary that you know the password of your email account. If you have forgotten the password then you should reset it.
  4. Backup of your previously saved emails: Although it is not necessary you should take a backup of previously saved emails before starting the configuration process. Sometimes, it is observed that adding a new email account on iPhone can clear the previously saved emails on an iPhone.

Embarq Email iPhone settings (IMAP/ POP)

The POP3 settings to connect Embarq Email on iPhone are illustrated in the table given below:

Incoming Mail server hostnamemail.centurylink.net
Incoming mail port995
SSL (Incoming Server security)SSL
Outgoing mail server hostnamesmtp..centurylink.net
Outgoing mail port465
Requires sign-in / Authentication requirementYes

You need to be very careful while entering these settings because even a single misplaced number or letter can result in a lot of issues.

In case you don’t know, how to use these settings to set up Embarq email on your iPhone then you should check the steps given below

Steps to configure Embarq email on iPhone

Here are the steps that you should follow if you are looking to add Embarq email account on iPhone.

Please note that some of the steps that are given below can vary for different versions of iPhone.

  • First of all, you should go to the home screen of your iPhone and choose settings by tapping the gear icon.
  • After that, you should tap “Mail, Contacts and Calendars” from the settings menu.
  • Then, choose “Add Account”, this will open a list of the popular email account such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc.
add centurylink email account to iPhone
add embarq email account to iPhone (source – Centurylink.com)
  • You will not find Embarq email on the list. So, you should scroll down and tap on the “Other” button.
choose other during centurylink email setup on iPhone
source – Centurylink.com
  • Tap the “Add Mail Account” button and enter the following information related to your Embarq email account
    • Name: Enter the name you want to be displayed in the “From” field of the email that you will send.
    • Email: In this field, you should enter your Embarq email address
    • Password: Enter the password of your Embarq email account.
    • Description: In the description box, you should enter “Embarq”.
  • Tap on the “Next” button from the top and highlight “POP” on the next screen.
  • After that, you should scroll down and enter the following information under the “Incoming Mail Server”.
Example of email setting to add CenturyLink
Example of email setting to add CenturyLink (Source – Centurylink.com)
  • Incoming mail server hostname: mail.centurylink.net
  • Username: Enter the username of your Embarq email account.
  • Password: Provide Embarq email password.
  • Then, you need to scroll down a little bit and enter the “Outgoing Mail Server” information as given below:
    • Outgoing mail server hostname: smtp.centurylink.net
    • Username: Provide your Embarq email username.
    • Password: Enter the Embarq email account password.
  • Now, save the server information you have just provided and choose your email address from the next screen.
  • Select “SMTP” option that is available under the “Outgoing mail server”.
  • Choose “smtp.centurylink.net” as the “primary/ main” server and ensure that the following information is appearing.
    • SSL: SSL
    • Server port: 465
  • After that, you should tap done and go back to the last screen. Here, you should choose “Advanced” and ensure that the information given below is correct.
    • SSL: SSL
    • Server port: 995
  • Now, go back to the last screen once again and restart your iPhone to conclude the configuration.

Some steps can vary for different models of iPhone such as iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 15, etc. That’s why; it is recommended that you should keep the user manual of your iPhone handy while setting up your Embarq email account.You may also seek help through CenturyLink Email Help Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an Embarq email account get deactivated?

Yes, unused Embarq email accounts get deactivated after one year. So, you must login at least once to keep your account active.

Is SSL required for Embarq email setup on iPhone?

Yes, it is recommended to enable SSL for secure communication with Embarq email servers.

What if I forget Embarq email password?

You may recover your password by clicking on the “Forget Password” button and following the onscreen prompts.

Can I sync my Embarq email contacts with my iPhone?

While setting up your email account, you may choose the option to sync your Embarq email contact with your iPhone.

Why am I unable to send emails from my Embarq email on iPhone?

Make sure you are connected to the Internet, Check your outgoing server settings, and confirm that you have entered the correct SMTP server and port.