Configure Cox Business email on iPhone – Cox Email Settings for Iphone

Most of the popular devices of Apple such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are equipped with a dedicated app for emailing i.e. “Mail”. You can easily set up your favorite email service in this app. If you are a Cox Business email user then you can manage your emails on iPhone with ease. For this purpose, you can use IMAP/ POP protocols. These protocols will let you access Cox business emails on your iPhone on the go.

We must not forget that iPhone allows automatic configuration only for popular email services like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo etc. That’s why it is mandatory to set up the Cox business email account on an iPhone using the manual process only.  This post is intended to help those Cox Business account holders who want to use their email account on iPhone. Apart from providing Cox business email settings for iPhone/ iPad, we will guide about the procedure to use these settings on an iPhone.

Things to know before Settings up Cox Business email on an iPhone

Although the process to configure a Cox Business account on iPhone is very easy there are a few things that you should remember.

  1. The procedure to set up an email account of Cox Business on an iPad/ iPhone may slightly vary according to your iPhone version. For example – If you are using iPhone 5 then you need to follow slightly different steps to configure Cox Business email as compared to the iPhone 7 users. However, the general settings will remain unchanged.
  2. It is mandatory that you keep your Wifi or mobile data on while entering the configuration settings on iPhone. Doing this is very important because your iPhone will verify your login credentials from the server while setting up a Cox Business account.
  3. Whenever you enter the new email settings on your iOS device, the previously downloaded emails get removed. Remember iOS backups in iCloud only store your email settings not your emails.

What are the IMAP/ POP settings to use Cox Business email account on an iPad/ iPhone?

In case you have entered the manual IMAP/ POP settings in your iPhone before then you can check the configuration settings for the Cox Business email given below:

Incoming server hostname
Incoming port 993
Outgoing server hostname
Outgoing port 465
SSL (Security) incoming Ssl
Requires Sign-in Yes

We understand that using these settings straightaway can be quite difficult for a new user. Such users can check the steps discussed below.

How to enter configuration settings to use Cox Business email account on iPhone?

Follow the steps given below very carefully in order to access Cox Business emails in your iPhone mail app.

  • To start with, you need to launch the settings app on your iPhone/ iPad.
  • In the settings menu, you need to select the “Mail, Contact and Calendars” option.
  • Now, to add the Cox business account, you should press “Add Account” button.
  • A list of email service providers will appear on your screen. You need to tap on the “other” button available just below the list.
  • Tap on the “Add mail account” button and provide the required information as follows.
    • Name: Enter your name.
    • Email: type in your complete Cox business email address
    • Password: provide your Cox business email address here.
    • Description: Type “Cox Business”
  • Select “IMAP” option that is available under “Incoming mail server” and provide the following info.
    • Username: your Cox Business email
    • Hostname:
    • Password: The password of your Cox business email
  • Provide the following information under the “outgoing mail server”. (You need to scroll down a bit in order to find this option)
    • Username: it is the email address of your Cox Business account
    • Hostname:
    • Password: your Cox business password
  • After entering all the information and you should tap “Save”.
  • Now, choose your Cox business email address and scroll down to find “outgoing mail server”. Under outgoing mail server, you have to choose “SMTP”.
  • Select “” option available below the Main Server and verify the following info.
    • SSL: SSL
    • Serverport: 465
  • Now, you have to verify a few more things. In order to do that, you should tap “Done” and open the previous screen. On this screen, you should verify the information as follows:
    • Serverport:
    • SSL: SSL
  • Finally, in the last step, you can go back to the previous screen and finish set up by restarting your iPhone.

Now, you can check Cox Business email on your iPhone simply by launching the mail app.  

Some helpful tips to remember

Here are some useful tips that can help you a lot in using your iPhone with Cox email easily.

  1. While entering incoming/ outgoing mail server the iPhone may ask permission to verify your credential. You just need to press “Yes” in order to grant the permission.
  2. In order to sync Cox business emails with iPhone along with contacts, reminders, calendars and notes, you should add Exchange Active Sync account.
  3. In case you are unable to send/ receive email even after configuration then you should contact Cox business email support for further instruction.