iPhone – ComNetcom.net Email Settings for Iphone

Setup ComNetcom.net Email on Iphone

With the advancement of the latest technologies, now you can effortlessly check your emails on a smartphone. If you are an iPhone user having an email account on ComNetcom.net email service then you can check your email on your iPhone with ease. You can simply log into your ComNetcom.net email account using the Safari browser. However, the experience of using safari for checking emails is not that great. For amazing features and functionality, you should set up ComNetcom.net on iPhone using POP/ IMAP configuration.

The main benefit of using POP/ IMAP is that by these protocols you can check ComNetcom.net emails on the “Mail” application of iPhone. Accessing email on the “Mail” application is far more pleasant than accessing email on safari browser. In this article, you will find the complete details about the ComNetcom.net email iPhone configuration including the steps to add ComNetcom.net email on iPhone.

What are the requirements to configure ComNetcom.net email on iPhone?

The users who are looking to add ComNetcom.net email account on an iPhone should have access to the following things.

  1. net Email address: The first thing you should know is your ComNetcom.net email address.
  2. net Username: You also need the username of your ComNetcom.net email account. A username precedes the “@domain” in the complete email address.
  3. Password of ComNetcom.net: In addition to the username and email address, you will also need to enter the password of ComNetcom.net email account. You should reset ComNetcom.net password if you can’t remember the password before initiating the configuration process.
  4. Internet Connection: To verify the information added by you, you should have a proper internet connection. Make sure wifi or mobile internet connection is working on your iPhone. You should turn off the airplane mode if it is active on your device.
  5. POP/ IMAP settings: Both POP and IMAP settings have their own benefits and demerits. You can set up ComNetcom.net email either using POP or IMAP as per choice. However, you need to have correct outgoing/ incoming server information otherwise you will face an error.

ComNetcom.net POP3 settings for configuration on iPhone

In case you are looking to attach ComNetcom.net email to iPhone then you either need to configure the IMAP settings or POP settings. The POP settings to set up ComNetcom.net email account on iPhone are illustrated in the table given below:

Incoming Mail Server Host Name Pop.earthlink.net
Incoming Mail Port 110
SSL (Incoming Server Security) None
Outgoing Mail Server Host Name smtpauth.earthlink.net
Outgoing Mail Port 587
Requires Sign-in/ Authentication Requirement Yes

Instead of these POP settings, you can also opt for IMAP settings. In IMAP settings, the copy of your ComNetcom.net will get stored on the server. On the other hand, the emails will get stored locally in your device while using POP settings.

How can I configure ComNetcom.net email on iPhone?

If you are looking to connect ComNetcom.net email with iPhone then you should check the steps that are given below. Please note that the steps discussed below are applicable for iPhone 8 plus.

  1. To initiate the process, you should choose “Settings” from the home screen of your iPhone.
  2. After that, you should tap on the “Passwords and Accounts” option.
  3. Select “Add Account” and open the list of different email service providers.
  4. net is not available on the list so you should tap “Other”.
  5. On the next screen, you should tap on the “Add Mail Account” button and enter the following information related to the ComNetcom.net email account.
    1. Name: Enter the name of your ComNetcom.net email account.
    2. Email: Provide the email address of your ComNetcom.net email account.
    3. Password: Enter the ComNetcom.net password.
    4. Description: Type “ComNetcom.net”.
  6. Tap “Next” from the top-right corner of the screen.
  7. After that, you should select “POP” from the top of the next screen.
  8. Go to the Incoming Mail Server section and enter the following information.
    1. Host Name: Pop.earthlink.net
    2. User Name: Enter the ComNetcom.net username.
    3. Password: Here you should provide the password of your ComNetcom.net email account.
  9. After entering the Incoming Mail Server information, you should provide the following information under the “Outgoing Mail Server”.
    1. Host Name: smtpauth.earthlink.net
    2. User Name: Provide your ComNetcom.net username
    3. Password: Enter ComNetcom.net email account password.
  10. Go to the top-right corner of the screen and tap on the “Save” button.
  11. Choose the ComNetcom.net email account just added by you.
  12. Scroll down and choose the “SMTP” option that will appear under the “Outgoing Mail Server”.
  13. Now, under the “primary server”, you should choose “smtpauth.earthlink.net”.
  14. Turn on the “Use SSL” option.
  15. Enter “587” under the server port.
  16. Tap on the “Done” button and select your ComNetcom.net email account once again.
  17. Scroll down and choose “Advanced”.
  18. Here, you should turn on “Use SSL” and type “110” under Server port.
  19. After entering the information, you should go back to the last screen and tap “Done”.
  20. The ComNetcom.net email account is now configured; you can go back to the home screen and restart your iPhone.

If you are not using iPhone 8 plus and want to set up ComNetcom.net email on a different version of iPhone such as iPhone 6, 7, 10 etc. then you can still follow these steps. However, you will find some variations in the steps. These steps can also help you setup ComNetcom.net on iPad and iPod touch as well.