Iphone – Charter email Setup on iPhone

Charter Email Settings for Iphone

There are multiple ways in which Charter email users can access their email account. They can very easily send and receive Charter emails on a computer/ laptop, Mac devices, android phones and iPhone. As far as iPhone is concerned, you can check Charter email on the web using safari browser or you can set it up using IMAP/ POP protocols. It is a better idea to set up Charter email on iPhone using IMAP/ POP because by doing this you will get better flexibility and features.

Please note that Charter communication, Bright House and Time Warner Cable are now the same company. So, if you are looking to check Charter webmail on iPhone then you should visit spectrum login page i.e. www.spectrum.net. In this tutorial, we will provide you with IMAP/ POP settings in order to configure Charter email on iPhone. Additionally, we will also illustrate how to use these settings to add Charter email on iPhone.

Requirements to set up Spectrum Charter email on iPhone

The process to configure Charter email account on an iPhone is fairly easy if have access to the pre-requisites. You need to make sure that you have the following things with you before setting up charter email on iPad, iPod touch or iPhone.

  1. You should ensure that there is uninterrupted and fast internet connectivity on your device.
  2. Make sure that your device is not on airplane mode. The airplane mode blocks your device from connecting to the internet so you won’t be able to configure your Charter email account on iPhone.
  3. Ensure that you know your complete Charter spectrum email address as well as username. Usually, a username is the first part of an email address that appears before the “@” sign and domain name.
  4. You need to log in to charter email while configuring it on an iPhone. So, it is also necessary that you know the password. If you have forgotten the Charter password then you should run charter password recovery to retrieve your password.

Charter email IMAP/ POP settings for iPhone

The IMAP settings that you need to install in order to link Charter email with iPhone are given in the table below:

Incoming Email Server Hostname mobile.charter.net
Incoming Email Port 993
SSL (Server Security) It should remain ON for both IMAP and SMTP
Outgoing Email Server Hostname mobile.charter.net
Outgoing Email Port 587
Requires Authentication Yes or checked

IMAP settings are more preferred in order to connect Charter Email with iPhone. We strongly recommend you to opt for IMAP settings if you use Charter email on multiple devices. However, if you are going to use your Charter email account on a single device only then you may opt for POP settings as well.

How can I Configure a Charter email account on an iPhone?

The exact procedure to add spectrum charter email on iPhone depends upon the version of iPhone you are using. For instance – if you are looking to set up Charter email on iPhone 7 then the steps you have to follow is different from the steps that should follow to configure charter email on iPhone X. Nonetheless, the general charter email iPhone configuration steps are illustrated below. You can go through these general steps and make the necessary changes according to your iPhone model.

  1. Open the home screen of your iPhone/ iPad.
  2. Locate and tap on the settings gear icon.
  3. After opening the settings menu, you should locate and open the “Mail, Contacts and Calendars”.
  4. Then you need to select the “Add Account” option. This will open a list of some popular email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook, AOL Mail etc.
  5. Unfortunately, Charter email is not on the list. So, you should select the “Other” option that will appear on the bottom of the list.
  6. Tap on the “Add Mail Account” button and provide the following information related to your Charter email account.
    1. Name: Enter the name you want appear in the “from” field of the emails that you will send.
    2. Email: Enter your full Charter email address.
    3. Password: Provide the password of your Charter email.
    4. Description: Just enter “Charter”. You can also enter any other short description as per your wish.
  7. Tap “Next” and highlight “IMAP” from the top of the next screen.
  8. After that, you should scroll down and provide the information given below under the “Incoming server”.
    1. Hostname: mobile.charter.net
    2. Username: Enter your Charter email username
    3. Password: Enter the password of your Charter email account
  9. Then, you have to provide the following information under “Outgoing Mail Server”.
    1. Hostname: mobile.charter.net
    2. Username: Provide the username of your Charter email account.
    3. Password: Enter the Charter email account password.
  10. You should tap on the “Save” button after entering server information.
  11. Choose the Charter mail address you have just added to iPhone.
  12. In the next step, you have to choose “SMTP” under the “Outgoing Mail Server” option.
  13. Select “mobile.charter.net” under the primary/ main server and confirm that the following information is displayed.
    1. SSL: SSL
    2. Server port: 587
  14. After that, you have to select “Done” and go back to the last screen once again. Here, you should choose “Advanced” and ensure that the following information is correct.
    1. SSL: SSL
    2. Server port: 993
  15. To conclude the Charter email setup process on iPhone, you should restart your phone.
  16. After restarting the phone, you can check Charter email on “Mail” app of your iPhone.

In case Charter email not working on iPhone even after entering the correct settings then you should contact Charter Spectrum email support.