Set up CenturyLink email on iPhone – Centurylink email settings for iphone

CenturyLink formerly known as CenturyTel is one of the most famous high-speed internet and VoIP service providers in the United States. While signing up your company for CenturyLink internet service, you get the facility of multiple CenturyLink email accounts. You can simply use these email accounts on the web without any setup. However, if you are looking to use CenturyLink email on an iPhone then you should configure it using IMAP/ POP. You can also load CenturyLink email on iPhone through the Safari browser as well but functionality will not be as good as it gets when you set up CenturyLink on iPhone.

You can check the POP3 settings for using CenturyLink Email on iPhone through this article. Additionally, we will also provide you with the steps to configure CenturyLink email account on iPhone using the appropriate server settings.

POP settings to use CenturyLink email on an iPhone

The POP3 settings in order to configure CenturyLink email on iPhone are given below.

Incoming Server Hostname
Incoming server port 993
SSL/ Incoming server security SSL
Outgoing Server Hostname
Outgoing Port 143
Requires sign in Yes

Please note that these settings are applicable for the following domains:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

What are the requirements to access CenturyLink Email on iPhone?

You need to have access to the following things in order to add CenturyLink Email on iPhone.

  1. Wifi or Mobile data connection: The settings you enter in your iPhone get verified from the server. So, it is important that you are connected to the internet while entering the CenturyLink email configuration settings on iPhone.
  2. Century Email address: You should also have your complete email address of CenturyLink with you.
  3. CenturyLink username: It is also important to enter the CenturyLink Username in the settings up CenturyLink email on iPhone.
  4. Password of your CenturyLink Email ID: You will also need the password of your CenturyLink Email account. You should run CenturyLink password recovery in case you forget CenturyLink password.

How to Setup CenturyLink Email ID on your iPhone?

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to install POP3 settings for accessing Century Link email on iPhone.

  1. To start the CenturyLink Email setup process on iPhone, you need to open “Settings” from the home screen.
  2. After opening settings, you should tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
  3. Then, tap on the first option i.e. “Add Account”.
  4. Now, you will get a list of email service providers including Outlook, Google, Yahoo etc. Here, you have to tap “other” because “CenturyLink” is not on the list.
  5. Choose “Add Mail Account” button available under the “Mail” option.
  6. Enter the following account information and tap “next” from the corner.
    1. Name: Your full name (this will appear in the “From” field of the emails you send”.
    2. Email: Enter your complete email address
    3. Password: Provide your CenturyLink email password
    4. Description: Enter “CenturyLink”.
  7. Now, the mail application will try to se tup your CenturyLink email account automatically. If you face an error then you should move on to the next step.
  8. Click “Ok” to close the error message.
  9. Highlight “POP” tab from the top of the window.
  10. Enter the following information under Incoming/ outgoing mail server
    1. Incoming Mail Server
      1. Host Name:
      2. User Name: Your CenturyLink username
  • Password: Password of your CenturyLink Email account
  1. Outgoing Mail Server
    1. Host Name:
    2. User Name: enter your CenturyLink username
  • Password: enter the password of your CenturyLink email account.
  1. Tap on the “Save” button from the top right corner of the window.
  2. Go back to the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” settings and select your “CenturyLink” account
  3. Verify the information you have added and select “SMTP” under the “Outgoing mail server” tab.
  4. Choose “” as the primary server and ensure that the following info is displaying.
    1. SSL: none
    2. Server port: 143
  5. Go back to the previous screen and open the “Advanced” tab.
  6. Verify the following things
    1. SSL: SSL
    2. Server port:
  7. Finally, you can restart your iPhone to save the changes.

Now, you can check the settings by launching “Mail” application from the home screen of your iPhone. If you don’t find your CenturyLink email in the Mail app then you should check the settings once again.

Important Points to remember

Always keep the following things in mind while setting up CenturyLink email on your iPhone.

  1. The steps we have discussed in this post are for setting up CenturyLink on iPhone 9. If you are using any other model of iPhone then the steps may vary a little bit. However, the POP settings for iPhone remain the same for all the iOS devices including iPad and iPod touch.
  2. It is recommended to take a backup of your important emails before starting the process to set up a CenturyLink email account on an iPhone.