Iphone – Setup Cablevision Email on iPhone

Cablevision Email Settings for Iphone

Not being able to access your email account on a smartphone can be quite frustrating. It is not possible to carry a computer or laptop with you every time. So, it is important to know the correct method to check your email account on your phone. If you are an iPhone user having a Cablevision email account then you can check your emails on iPhone very easily. You can either check Cablevision webmail using the safari browser or setup Cablevision email on iPhone using IMAP/ POP protocols.

By setting up Cablevision email on iPhone, you can send and receive your emails through the “Mail” app on your iPhone. It is quite easy to configure Cablevision email on iPhone. However, you need to be very careful while doing the same because even small misplaced information can result in a lot of inconveniences.

Important things to know before you add Cablevision email to iPhone.

It is strongly recommended that you check precautionary steps given below before setting up Cablevision email on an iPhone.

  1. A fast and secure internet connection is very important to add a Cablevision email account on iPhone. If your internet connection is slow then you might face a lot of errors and problems in Cablevision iPhone configuration. So, don’t forget to check wifi or mobile data connection before starting the configuration setup.
  2. Cablevision and Optimum email is the same service. So, you shouldn’t be confused between the two. Optimum online is the name of the internet service that is offered by Cablevision.
  3. Before starting the configuration, you should ensure that you know your complete Cablevision email address as well as username. It is important to know both of them because you have to provide this information while installing Cablevision on iPhone.
  4. You should also know the password of your Cablevision email account. In case you can’t remember the Cablevision password then we recommend you to run Cablevision password recovery process before iPhone configuration.
  5. When you add a new account to the “Mail” app of iPhone then the previously saved emails on iPhone may get cleared. So, you should take a backup of the saved emails before initiating the configuration.

Cablevision IMAP/ POP settings for iPhone

In order to use Cablevision email through the “Mail” app, you need to install either IMAP or POP settings on your iPhone. In IMAP configuration, the emails get stored on the server while in POP the configuration, the email gets saved locally on your device. Given below are the POP3 settings to attach Cablevision email to iPhone.

Incoming Server Hostname mail.optonline.net
Incoming mail server port 110
SSL (Incoming Server Security) None
Outgoing Server Hostname smtp.optonline.net
Outgoing mail port 587
Requires Sign-in/ Authentication Yes

You can check the Cablevision email IMAP settings for iPhone from the official website.

Steps to configure your Cablevision email on an iPhone

If you are looking to Connect Cablevision email with iPhone then you should follow the steps given below. These steps are also applicable in order to set up Cablevision email on iPad, iPod touch.

  1. Tap on the “settings” gear icon from the home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Once you are in the settings menu, you should scroll down and open the “Mail, Contacts and Calendars” option.
  3. After that, you need to tap on the “Add Account” option. A list of famous email services such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, AOL etc. will appear on your screen.
  4. Unfortunately, Cablevision is not on the list. So, you have to tap on the “Other” option that is available below the list of these email service providers.
  5. Then, you should choose the option to “Add Mail Account” and provide the following information related to your Cablevision email account.
    1. Name: Enter your name.
    2. Email: Provide your full Cablevision email address.
    3. Password: Enter the password of your Cablevision email account
    4. Description: In this field, you should type “Cablevision”
  6. Tap “Next” from the top corner of the page and highlight “POP3” on the next screen.
  7. After that, you need to provide the information given below under the “Incoming Mail Server” option.
    1. Hostname: mail.optonline.net
    2. Username: Enter the username of your Cablevision email account.
    3. Password: Provide your Cablevision email password.
  8. Just below the incoming mail server, you will find the option to enter “Outgoing mail server” information. Here you should enter the information as given below:
    1. Hostname: smtp.optonline.net
    2. Username: Enter the Cablevision email username.
    3. Password: Enter the password of your Cablevision email account.
  9. Once you are done with entering the Cablevision incoming/ outgoing server information, you should tap on the “Save” button.
  10. Then, you have to select your Cablevision email address from the next screen.
  11. Now, you should scroll down and choose “SMTP” under “Outgoing Mail server”.
  12. Choose “smtp.optonline.net” as the primary server and ensure that the information given below is appearing.
    1. SSL: SSL
    2. Server port: 587
  13. After that, you should tap “Done” in order to go back to the last screen. On this screen, you need to choose “Advanced” and confirm that the following information is correct.
    1. SSL: none
    2. Server port: 110
  14. Finally, you can conclude the Cablevision email iPhone configuration process by restarting your iPhone.

Special Instructions: You may need to make subtle changes in the steps mentioned above as per the model of your iPhone. Let’s take an example: If you are looking to set up Cablevision email on iPhone 6 then you need to follow different steps as compared to the users having an iPhone X.