AT&T Webmail in iPhone – POP/ IMAP Settings

How to set up AT&T Webmail in iPhone?

Got a new iPhone and wondering how to use your AT&T email account on it? Well, let me tell you it is quite easy to access your AT&T emails on an iPhone. All you need to do is use the IMAP/ POP protocols. In addition to this, you can also use these protocols to switch to AT&T from other email services you are already using on your iPhone. Setting up AT&T email on your iPhone is very easy. However, you need to be very careful while entering the configuration settings. The incorrect IMAP settings can stop you from sending and receiving AT&T emails on iPhone.

Kindly note that the exact procedure for setting up AT&T email in iPhone may vary according to the iPhone version you are using. For example – the process to setup an AT&T email account in iPhone 5 (iOS 6.1) is different from the steps to use AT&T webmail in iPhone 7 (iOS 12)

What services you can avail by setting up AT&T emails on iPhone?

Every iPhone has a dedicated mail app in which you can configure your email account to access your email messages. Once you are done with configuring AT&T email on your iPhone you can enjoy the following services.

  1. You can send an email from your AT&T email address directly from your iPhone.
  2. You will be able to read emails from your AT&T inbox through iPhone/ iPad.
  3. Apart from the emails, you can also access your AT&T contacts directly through your iPhone

Settings to configure an AT&T email account on iPhone/ iPad

The users who have set an email account in iPhone/ iPad previously might know how to enter IMAP settings on iPhone manually. For such users, IMAP/ POP settings for configuring AT&T email are given below:

Incoming Server hostname
Incoming port 993
SSL (Security) incoming SSL
Outgoing Server hostname
Outgoing port 465
Requires sign-in Yes

The new iPhone users who don’t know how to enter these configuration settings can check the steps below.

How to use AT&T on iPhone?

You can set up an AT&T email account to work on your iPhone/ IPad both manually and automatically. At first, we will discuss the manual procedure.

Steps to set up AT&T emails on an iPhone/ IPad manually

  1. First of all, you have to open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  2. Locate and tap the “Mail, Contacts and Calendars” option.
  3. Then, tap on “Add Account” and choose “other” option from the bottom of the list.
  4. Tap on the “Add mail account” option and manually enter the following information.
    1. Name: Your full name.
    2. Email: Your complete email address
    3. Password: Enter your AT& password.
    4. Description: Just type “AT&T”.
  5. After that, Select “IMAP” under the “Incoming Mail Server” and carefully enter the following info.
    1. Hostname:
    2. Username: your AT&T username.
    3. Password: enter the password of your AT&T email account.
  6. Now, enter the following information under outgoing mail server.
    1. Hostname:
    2. Username: AT&T username
    3. Password: Password of your AT&T email.
  7. Tap “Save” and select your AT&T email address in the next screen.
  8. Here, you need to scroll down and select “SMTP” option appearing under “Outgoing Mail server”.
  9. Tap on “” under the “Main server” and ensure that the following info. is displaying.
    1. SSL: ssl
    2. Serverport: 465
  10. Now, press the “Done” button and go back to the previous screen. Here, you need to select “Advanced” and ensure that the following info is appearing.
    1. SSL: ssl
    2. Serverport:
  11. Finally, go back to the previous screen once again and restart your iPhone.

That’s it, folks! Now, you can use AT&T on your iPhone or iPad through the mail app very easily.

Automatic AT&T email configuration on iPhone

The AT&T email service is now powered by Yahoo. Yahoo has gradually migrated AT&T email accounts to Yahoo webmail system. Every iPhone supports automatic configuration for a Yahoo email account. So, you can set up your AT&T webmail account on iPhone using an automatic process as well. All you are required to do is follow the steps given below:

  1. Firstly, you should open the iPhone settings from the home screen.
  2. Choose “Mail, contacts, calendars” from the list and tap “Add Account”.
  3. Select “Yahoo” from the list of email service providers.
  4. Enter your name, AT&T email address and password.
  5. Type “AT&T webmail” in the description box.
  6. Finally, tap on “Save” followed by “Home” to go back to the main screen.

Now, your iPhone “Mail” application will contain all your AT&T emails.

Other important points to remember

  • If you are entering the settings manually, then you should not forget to restart your iPhone in order to save changes.
  • All the steps that we have discussed here are progressive. So, you should try not to skip any step.
  • Enter your AT&T email id and password very carefully. Otherwise, you may face an error.