How to setup Clearwire email on Android phone

Clearwire Email Settings for Android Phone

Clearwire email users often face trouble in sending and receiving emails. The problem might arise due to incorrect configuration of Clearwire email on android device. An incorrect setup can cause different types of issues in email which can restrain you from using those services hassle-free. In this scenario what you can do is make certain changes in the incoming and outgoing server settings and you can check your emails easily.

By linking your Clearwire email with android mobile, you can easily access your emails conveniently from anywhere and at any time. Now you need not rely solely on computers to check your emails. This post will guide you on how you can set up Clearwire email on your mobile phone. The configuration for Clearwire email settings can be done using both the IMAP and POP servers.

Configuration to add Clearwire email

The email configuration for setting up Clearwire email on your android Smartphone is given below. You need to ensure that the server settings are set as per the information given in the table.

Attribute Settings required
Incoming port 993
Incoming server
Outgoing port 587
Outgoing server
SSL required SSL
Authentication required Yes

Steps to connect Clearwire email on Android phones

The steps for connecting Clearwire email on Android mobile are very simple. However, some of the steps might vary as per the type, manufacture and version of Android phone one possess. The good news is that you need not do anything extra as the process will remain more or less the same for all phones. You can configure Clearwire email using the automatic setup or manual setup. Choose the process that works for you. In case the automatic setup does not resolve the issues then you must opt for the manual configuration to get the desired result.

Automatic Clearwire email setup for Android

Follow the instructions mentioned below to automatically connect Clearwire email with your mobile phone-

  1. Go to the “home screen” of your Android phone and tap of the “email” application tray.
  2. Now you need to choose the gear icon representing the “settings”.
  3. A list of options will get displayed. Tap on the “add account” option for Clearwire email setup.
  4. Now you need to enter the username and password with which you login into Clearwire email account.
  5. Your phone will automatically configure Clearwire mail on your phone.
  6. If you still cannot send and receive emails through automatic set up then proceed for the manual setup to re-configure Clearwire email settings.

Manually link Clearwire email account with Android

Here’s how you can manually select and change the server settings for accessing Clearwire email on android mobile phone-

  1. Open the “email” app present on your mobile and click on the “settings” icon to link Clearwire email.
  2. Now tap the “add account” button and provide your email address and password.
  3. Choose the “manual setup” option when prompted.
  4. From there, you need to select “IMAP” as account type. You can also select POP if you like.
  5. Under the “email address” field, you need to give the following information-
    • Username: Type your Clearwire email address
    • Password: Type the password
  6. Under the “IMAP server” tab, enter the given information-
    • Security type: Choose the “ssl” option to enable the security layer.
    • Incoming port: Set the port number to 993.
    • Incoming
  7. Scroll down to go to the outgoing server settings-
  8. Under the “SMTP server” tab, you need to enter the given details-
    • Security type: ssl
    • Outgoing port: 587
    • Outgoing
  9. Check if the “verify before sending emails” option is turned off, turn the option on if it is off.
  10. Now enter your username and password in the respective fields given.
  11. Choose the “next” option so that your information can be verified.
  12. If you get an error message then you need to verify the settings and choose the “next” option again.
  13. Under the “email sync period”, choose an option and hit the “next” button to finish the setup.
  14. The e-mail account configuration for Clearwire is done now.
  15. Return to the home screen of your Smartphone.
  16. You can now access your Clearwire account and send/receive email easily on Android phone.

If you are stuck in any of the given steps, then do not hesitate to contact the Clearwire email support services for further help and assistance.