How to add EarthLink email on Android

Emails are one of the most convenient ways to communicate with people personally and professionally. It is not necessary that you can access your email account only through computers. With the constant changes in technology, mobile phones have emerged as a powerful tool through which everything you want is at one tap away. You can comfortably check your messages or emails over the android devices by performing some basic configuration tactics. EarthLink email in similar fashion can be linked with the android device that you own.

EarthLink email users who want to link their EarthLink email address in android phone can add their account very easily. Adding EarthLink email in android phone is not that tough as it might appear to some users. All a user needs to do is make certain changes in settings and he/she will be good to go. This post will walk you through the general steps that are required to add EarthLink email account in android phone.

Pre-requisites of setting up EarthLink email on android mobile phone

Before we proceed for the configuration part, it is important for you to know the requirements for linking EarthLink email account on android devices-

  • Internet connectivity: Make sure that your android is connected to wifi or the mobile data is turned on and you are getting a stable internet speed.
  • EarthLink username/email ID: Remember the user id or email id of the EarthLink account you want to link in android phone.
  • EarthLink password: You should keep in mind the password of EarthLink email id in order to perform the setup.

Email settings for EarthLink email

Given below are the settings that you need to configure EarthLink email in your android mobile phone-

Attributes Configure to
Outgoing server
Outgoing port 587
Incoming server
Incoming port 995
SSL (security) incoming SSL
Requires sign-in Yes

Steps to configure EarthLink email in android phone

Setting EarthLink email in android will let you access your emails anytime from anywhere. In order to link your EarthLink email account, you need to follow the instruction mentioned below. Some of these steps might vary according to the model and brand of android phone you currently owns. Nevertheless, the procedure remains the same i.e. you need to tweak some changes in incoming and outgoing email server settings for the configuration to work properly.

  • Open the EarthLink email app in your android mobile phone and go to the “settings”.
  • Now you are required to add a new email account. For this, you need to tap the “POP3” option.
  • From there, you will be asked to provide your EarthLink email id and password.
  • Enter your full EarthLink email address and password and tap on the “Manual Setup” option.
  • An incoming settings screen will appear where you need to enter the following information in the specific fields-
    • Username: Enter your EarthLink account username/address
    • Incoming server: Set this field to “”
    • Incoming port: 995
    • Security type: ssl
    • Password: Enter the password
    • Choose ‘next’.
  • Enter the following information in the outgoing email server settings screen:
    • Outgoing
    • Username: Provide your EarthLink email id or username
    • Password: Enter the password of EarthLink email account
    • Outgoing port: Set the port number to “587” in case there is some other number present there.
    • Security type: ssl
    • Authorization required: Set this field to “yes”
    • Tap on the ‘next’ button.
  • Following the above instruction, you need to enter your preferences and give the EarthLink account a personal name. Now, you restart your phone to let these settings work. Congratulation! You have successfully configured the setup of EarthLink account in android phone.

Important instructions

Users should take a thorough look at the instructions provided below before they start the linking of EarthLink account in their phone-

  1. First and foremost, check the model and brand of android phone that you currently possess and then proceed accordingly.
  2. Before initiating the configuration, make sure to keep a backup of important emails so that your data is safe. Although the setup procedure will barely affect the data stored in your email account, for a safer side it’s better to backup vital emails.
  3. Do not forget to restart your device after you are done adding EarthLink email in android phone. This way, the changes you’ve made will get reflected after your device is restarted.