Cox Email Settings for Android

Cox email users who want to add their Cox account on their android phone can now easily setup the same with the help of some basic server settings. One of the main benefits of using Cox email on a mobile (android or iPhone) phone is that you can check your emails anytime and from anywhere. It simply makes everything convenient for you.  

In case you are wondering how to add Cox email on your android phone, then you should follow the instructions given in the post. Before anything else, you need to know some key requirements needed to perform Cox email setup for android phone. This post will walk you through the steps to setup or link Cox email with your android device.

Know-hows of linking Cox email with Android

Before proceeding for the step by step procedure on how to add Cox email on android mobile phone, you should go through the requirements as mentioned below-

  • In order to link a Cox account to android, your mobile phone must be connected to internet either through wifi or mobile network. Cox will not work with an unstable Internet connection. 
  • Email ID and password: You must have access to your Cox account. For the setup, username and password of Cox account are required.
  • Backup: Keep the backup of important emails or files or documents before heading to the configuration.

Cox email settings for Android phone

The key configuration for connecting Cox email on android mobile phone is mentioned in the table. Make sure that these configurations are set properly so that your Cox account is easily linked with your android phone.

Attributes Configuration required
POP/IMAP POP3/ IMAP as suited
Requires sign-in Yes
Outgoing server
Outgoing port 587/465
Incoming server
Incoming port 995
SSL incoming None

POP3 server settings

While choosing POP or IMAP settings, Cox users should know that using POP settings might cause some syncing errors in android devices. But that doesn’t mean that the method won’t work for you.

In case you want to use POP3 server settings to configure Cox email on android devices, make sure that the following fields are set according to the values given in the table-

Cox email outgoing server

Server names Value 995 587 with TLS enabled

465 with SSL enabled

How to setup Cox email on Android phone?

Typically speaking, there are two ways through which you can link Cox email with your android device i.e. automatically and manually. You need to choose a method that works for you. Here we’re providing the settings for Cox email for both of these cases.  The steps to connect Cox email with your android phone are given below-

Auto-Configuration Steps

You can use the given auto-configuration steps to set up an Android device for Cox Email using POP email server settings

  • Tap the “application” button present on the home screen of your android phone.
  • Tap on the “Email” icon and enter your full Cox Email address and password. Enter the credentials accurately, otherwise, you will face Cox login problems
  • Then tap on the “Next” button to proceed further.
  • Enter the account name followed by your name and hit the “Done” button.
  • The configuration is done successfully, you need to restart your device and then use the email service for sending and receiving emails.

Manually set Cox email on android using POP3 settings

In order to setup Cox email on android mobile, you need to make following changes in incoming and outgoing server settings –

  • Go to the “mail” app on android phone and select “add account” option.
  • Select “POP3” option to link Cox email with android using POP3.
  • Enter your Cox email id and password and click on the “manual setup” option.

Cox email set up

  • Enter the following incoming server settings-
    • Username: Enter your username
    • Password: Enter Cox password
    • Incoming
    • Incoming port: 995
    • Security type: none
  • Enter the following outgoing server settings-
    • Username: Provide your Cox email id
    • Password: Enter Cox email password
    • Incoming
    • Incoming port: 587 or 465
    • Security type: none
  • Choose the “next” option and wait till the setup is completed.
  • Do not forget to restart your phone to let these changes take over.

Manual Steps (using IMAP)

If you want to setup Cox email account on android using IMAP settings, here’s what you need to do-

  • From the “Home” screen, tap the “Application” button.
  • Tap the “Email” icon and enter your full Cox email address and password.
  • Tap on the “Next” button.
  • Enter the following incoming mail server details in the fields given below-
    • Username: Enter your Cox email username with @ part attached to it
    • Password: Enter the password of Cox account
    • Incoming Server:
    • Tap Next.
  • Enter the following outgoing mail server information in the spaces provided-
    • Username: Enter your Cox email username with @ part attached to it
    • Password: Enter the password of Cox account
    • Outgoing Server:
    • Tap Next.
  • Tap Next.
  • Tap Finish.

If you face an error during the configuration process, you may seek help through Cox email support

Size of the Cox Email mailbox 

The size of the mailbox depends upon the internet connection you are using. 

Internet ConnectionMaximum Limit of the mailbox
Go Fast (100 Mbps)2 GB per mailbox.
Go Faster (250 Mbps)2 GB per mailbox.
Go Even Faster (500 Mbps)2 GB per mailbox.
Ultimate (500 Mbps)10 GB per mailbox
Go Super Fast (1 Gbps)15 GB per mailbox
Go Beyond Fast (2 Gbps)15 GB per mailbox

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to add Cox’s email to the Gmail app?

Yes, you can add Cox email to the Gmail app on your phone.

What is the outgoing server address to add Cox email on android?

I am a Cox Internet user. Do I need to pay anything extra to use Cox email account?

No, this email service is free for Cox email users.

How can i access my Cox email account through Google Chrome browser on my android device?

You can access your email account by logging through the official website,

I lost my username. What can I do?

You can recover your lost username by providing your phone number, email address, and account number.