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Android: Covad Email setup for Android phone

Technology has made things easier for use ever since its inception. One need not rely on the computer to check their emails. With the invention of mobile phones, the task of accessing emails has become way too easier. You can practically configure any email account and sync it with your android device hassle-free. Covad email users who want to switch their account to android phone can do so with the configuration given in the post. To set up Covad email on Android phone, you need to make some changes in the server settings. You can connect your Covad email account on android using the IMAP or POP account. The post will guide you on how to add Covad email on android in a comprehensive way.

Configuration for setting up Covad email account on android

The server settings for linking your Covad webmail account with Android phone is mentioned in the table given below. These settings should be entered carefully as any small error can create problem in sending and receiving emails.

Attribute Required settings
Authentication required Yes
SSL required None
Incoming port 110
Outgoing port 25
Incoming server
Outgoing server

How to set up Covad webmail on Android

If you don’t know how to add Covad email account on your Android phone, then must go through the steps given below. However, some of the steps given might vary as per the model, version of the android phone owned by you. The setup can be done using the automatic and manual settings. You can choose the one that works well for you. Here are the manual and automatic configurations for connecting Covad email with android Smartphone.

Automatic Covad webmail settings for Android

Probably the easiest option to configure Covad email on android is automatic setup. Here you need not do much but simply provide your username and password to access Covad email on android phone. Follow the steps mentioned below for setting up Covad webmail-

  1. Open the “mail” app and tap on the “add account” tab.
  2. Now enter your username and password with which you login into your Covad account.
  3. Your phone will install the necessary files automatically to run Covad email account on it.
  4. If your phone still creates problem in setting up Covad account on it, then you must go for the manual setup to configure the same.

Manual configuration for Covad webmail

Although automatic configuration is a lot easier than manual one, but many times it fails to work for users. In such cases, you must go for the manual setup to fix the issues with the Covad email. Here’s how to set up Covad webmail on Android mobile manually-

  1. Open the “mail” app on your mobile’s home screen and tap the “add account” button to link Covad webmail.
  2. You will be asked to provide your username and password. Enter the Covad email login details in the fields given.
  3. Now tap the “manual setup” button at the end of the screen to configure Covad email manually.
  4. Choose “POP” as the type of email account you will need for accessing Covad. Here you can also select “IMAP” one as the account type. There are no restrictions on choosing the account. Use the one that suits you.
  5. In the “incoming server settings” screen, enter the following details-
    1. Incoming
    2. Incoming port: The incoming email server port number must be set to 110.
    3. Security type: Select the “none” option to disable the settings.
  6. Hit the “next” option to move to the next step.
  7. In the “outgoing server settings”, provide the following details-
    1. Outgoing
    2. Outgoing port: set the outgoing port number to 25.
  8. If the “verify before sending emails” option is turned off, you need to turn it on.
  9. Enter your username and password one more time.
  10. Touch the “next” button.
  11. Your phone will verify the information you’ve given. You can sync your email account by selecting the appropriate option.
  12. Once you are done selecting the option, you need to tap the “done” button to complete the setup.

Congratulations! You have successfully linked your Covad account in android phone. You can now use the email service for sending and receiving emails easily on/from your mobile phone. However, if you encounter difficulty in implementing any step or if your Covad account still does not work, then you may take the help of support services for further assistance and troubleshooting.