How to Connect Coqui (Puerto Rico) Email with Android

Conqui (Puerto rico) email users can easily configure their account on android device by changing certain settings on the phone. With Conqui connected to your phone, you can easily access your emails on mobile phone. Gone are the days when you could check your emails only through the computers. Technology has made things easier for us now. The setup process of linking Conqui email with android Smartphone is not that tough as it might appear to the users.

You only need to make some changes in the incoming and outgoing server settings to complete the setup. The process can be done in two ways i.e. manually and automatically. This post will guide you on how to manually configure Coqui (Puerto rico) email on android phone. Simply follow the step by step instructions given and you’ll be good to go.

Server settings for linking Coqui email

The email server settings for installing Coqui (Puerto rico) email on android phone is given below. Here you are required to check if the fields in your phone match the information given in the table or not. If not, then you need to change the settings as explained in the post.

Attribute Values
Incoming server
Outgoing server
Incoming port 110
Outgoing port 25
SSL required None
Authentication needed Yes

Points to be noted

To add your Coqui (Puerto rico) email account to the “Mail” app, you should have the following things with you.

  • Wifi or Mobile Data connection: Internet connection is a vital part to verify the POP/IMAP configuration for the device. Therefore, it is really important for you to check your wifi or mobile data connection before initiating the configuration process.
  • Coqui email address and username: In order to access Coqui email, you need to possess a valid username to add the email account to your Android phone. Apart from the email address, you will also need to enter the username. Username is usually the first part of your Coqui mail address that comes before the “@” sign and domain name.
  • Coqui password: When you proceed for the settings, you’ll be asked to provide the password with which you sign-in to your Coqui email account. So, you should reset the password of your Coquie mail account in case you have forgotten the password.

Note: You should also take the backup of your emails so that any mishaps can be avoided. Although, the setup will hardly affect the data present on your email account, as a safety precaution you can keep the required backup.

What to do to set up Coqui (Puerto Rico) on Android?

Coqui (Puerto rico) setup can vary slightly in some android phone. Therefore, you need to proceed accordingly. Here’s what you can do to link your account with your phone. Choose the method that works well for you.

  1. Open the home screen of your phone and go to the “mail” app.
  2. Touch the gear icon representing the settings to install Coqui Puerto rico email on android.
  3. Tap on the “other” option and provide your Coqui email address and password in the respective fields.
  4. Tap the “manual setup” button present on the screen.
  5. Select “POP” as the account type. However, you can also choose the IMAP if you want.
  6. After landing on the incoming server settings screen, provide the following information for incoming server-
    • POP server name: Type
    • Security type: Choose the “none” option from the menu
    • Port number: The value of the incoming port number should be set as 110
  7. Tap on the “next” button to move to the outgoing email server settings.
  8. Type the given information in outgoing server setting screen-
    • SMTP
    • Security type: Choose the “none” option to disable the security feature.
    • Outgoing port number: Type the port number as 25.
  9. You can turn on the “sign-in required” option if it is turned off.
  10. Touch the “next” button.
  11. Now sync your email by selecting an option under the “sync schedule” tab.
  12. You can also change the default size of the emails and number of emails to show by tapping the concerned options on the screen.
  13. Choose the “next” button.
  14. A setup complete screen will get displaced. Enter the given information to connect Coqui email account with your android phone-
    • Account name: Enter the email address of the Coqui account.
    • Password: Type the password you use to access Coqui email.
  15. To set Coqui email as your default email, you can turn on the slider present on the screen.
  16. Tap the “done” button to complete the Coqui email set up on Android.
  17. A pop-up message will be presented on the screen with the message “allow email to access your contacts”, you need to select “allow” button.

Note: The above-mentioned steps can also be applied for the IMAP settings. In case you encounter any problem while entering the IMAP/ POP settings then you should seek help from Coqui (Puerto rico) email support.