Android: Configure Embarq email on Android

Setup Configure Email on Android – Embarq Email Settings for Android Phone

Wondering how to setup Embarq email on your android phone? A lot of confusion can appear in the minds of users while configuring Embarq account on their device. The steps to add Embarq email account on android mobile are not that tough as it might appear to you. All you need to do is change some server settings in your phone and you can easily access Embarq. Incorrect email settings can cause sending and receiving problems in emails. Therefore, it is important for you to properly follow the procedure explained in the post. The configuration can be done in both IMAP and POP settings.

Email configuration for Embarq setup on Android

The incoming and outgoing server settings for adding Embarq email on android are mentioned in the table given below. You need to enter this information very carefully as one mistake in the settings can cause all sorts of issues in accessing Embarq email.

Attributes Required settings
SSL required TLS
required Yes
Incoming server
Incoming port 995
Outgoing port 587
Outgoing server

Embarq email setup for Android

Before setting up Embarq email on android, you must create an account on the same. Without a valid account, you won’t be able to configure Embarq on your phone. You can configure Embarq on your phone using automatic and manual settings. Choose the one that works for you. In case you find some difficulty in setting up the email account automatically, then you can go for the manual setup to complete the configuration.

Automatic settings

The automatic setup can be done quite easily. Here is what you need to do to connect Embarq email with your android phone-

  • Open the “mail” app on your mobile’s screen and tap on the “add account” option to link Embarq email with android.
  • Now you’ll be prompted to enter the username and password of Embarq account which you use to send and receive emails.
  • Let your android device complete the configuration.
  • Hit the “done” button when the setup is finished.
  • If automatic setup does not work for you, follow the directions given below in order to set up Embarq email account on android manually.

Manual set up for Embarq email configuration

In manual settings, you only need to change the incoming and outgoing server settings to remove any conflict that might prevent you from accessing Embarq email. Here is what you should do to configure Embarq on your phone-

  • To begin the process, tap the “apps” icon on your phone.
  • Select “email” app and enter your username and password in the fields given.
  • Tap the ‘next” button to move further.
  • Select the settings you want from the “Account options” screen, and touch the “next” option.
  • Your inbox will get opened up. Tap the “menu” on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Touch the “manage accounts” option and select Embarq email account you want to configure.
  • Now scroll down and select the “incoming server settings”.
  • Enter the following information and touch on the “done” button once finished typing-
    • Email address: Type your full email address
    • Username: Type the Embarq email address
    • Password: Enter the password of Embarq account
    • POP server:
    • Port number: 995
    • Security type: ssl
  • Scroll down to move to the “outgoing server settings” and provide the given information-
    • SMTP
    • Security type: choose the security type as “TLS”
    • Username: Type your full email address
    • Password: Enter the password
    • Port: set the outgoing port number to 587
    • Required sign-in: place a checkmark across the option
  • Now tap the “more settings” and touch on “manage accounts” to save the changes you have made.
  • Now the Embarq email setup on android mobile phone is done successfully. You can start using Embarq on your phone to send and receive emails conveniently. However, if you are stuck in any of the given steps, then do not hesitate to contact Embarq customer support for more help and assistance.

Important note

Embarq email setup on Android device can vary by manufacturer and model. If the steps given in the post don’t let you access Embarq email then you need to-

  • Go to the POP/SMTP settings page and write down the settings for your email domain.
  • You need to enter the settings on your phone.
  • For your android phone, you need to contact your service provider or the manufacturer.