Android – Configure AIM Email on an Android device

AIM Email settings for Android Phone

The configuration of AIM mail on an Android phone can be done quite easily by changing the email server settings. Gone are the days where you could access your emails only through computers. In today’s modern world, you can set up AIM mail on your android Smartphone. This will also let you use your emails on the phone any time you want and from any place.

You can link your AIM mail account with android phone with IMAP, POP email settings as you want. For better flexibility and features, you can choose POP over IMAP. But in case want to simply use the AIM mail account for sending and receiving emails, then you can go for the IMAP settings. The post will explain the step by step procedure on how to connect AIM mail on Android phone.

Email settings for AIM mail on Android

The email settings for AIM mail is given in the table. You need to make sure that the fields are set as per the information given for the email server settings (incoming and outgoing server). Incorrect settings may cause hindrance in using the AIM mail for sending and receiving emails.

Attribute Settings required
Incoming port number 143
Incoming server
Outgoing server
Outgoing port number 25
SSL required? Yes
Authentication needed? Yes

Knows-hows before adding AIM mail on Android

If you want to re-configure your AIM mail settings for Android phone or simply set up AIM mail then you need to go through the important instruction before you proceed for the configuration steps.

  1. Backup important emails as a safety measure. The settings will unlikely impact your data stored in AIM account. However, it’s advised to keep the backup just in case something goes wrong or you miss the certain steps in the configuration leading to all sorts of problem in AIM mail.
  2. You need to have a valid username and password to make the required changes in the server settings. The username for AIM mail is the one that is present on the left side of @ symbol in AIM.
  3. The settings can be done automatically or manually. You can choose the manual one when automatic settings do not work for you.
  4. The mobile data or wifi must be turned on while performing the configuration. Check that the airplane mode is turned off in your Android phone.

Steps to add AIM mail on Android device

If you’re encountering trouble in accessing your email stored in AIM mail account, then that might be due to the incorrect settings. You can change the settings as per the directions given below to fix the problem in sending or receiving emails. Here are the required settings for IMAP and POP account.

AIM email set up on Android using IMAP account

If you want to use IMAP account for setting up AIM mail on your Android phone, then you are required to follow the directions provided below-

  1. Open the mail app on your android phone and tap on the “my accounts” tab.
  2. Select the “add account” option to add your AIM mail account in Android.
  3. Now a set up account menu will get displayed with several other social network icons.
  4. Choose the “email accounts” option and select “AIM”.
  5. Provide your AIM email address, including “” or “” domain in lower case.
  6. Enter the password in the corresponding field and hit the “next” button.
  7. Your phone will get connected to your email server and you will receive a “success!” message, if the configuration is done properly as stated.
  8. You can now use AIM mail on Android Smartphone to send/receive emails.

In case these settings do not work for you, then you can manually set up AIM mail on Android through the procedure given below.

Manual setup for linking AIM mail with Android

The set up might differ slightly based on the model, manufacturer and type of android phone one owns. But the main settings will remains more or less the same.

  1. Open the “mail app” and go to the “settings” to add a new account.
  2. Click on the “add a new account” button and select the “IMAP” option.
  3. Enter your username and password to add AIM mail on android phone.
  4. Select the “manual setting”
  5. Enter the information in the field given on the screen-
    • Username: Enter the username with the help of which you access AIM email account. Do not forget to add at the end of the username.
    • Password: Provide AIM mail password
    • Incoming
    • Incoming port: Set the incoming port number to 993 or 143 (whichever works for you)
    • Security type: Choose the “ssl” to enable the security feature
    • Hit the “next” option to jump to the outgoing email settings.
  6. Enter the given details in the outgoing server settings-
    • Password: Enter the password of AIM mail account
    • Username: Type the username of AIM mail
    • Outgoing port: Set the outgoing port number to 465 or 587
    • Authentication required: To enable the authentication, choose the “yes” option.
    • Outgoing
  7. Tap on the “ok” button to finish the set up.

The configuration for setting AIM mail on Android phone is now complete. You can easily check your mails or send one to make sure it is done correctly.

To setup AOL as a POP3 account:

If you want to use access AIM mail on Android using POP settings, then here is the simple procedure given.

  • Go to the “general settings” on your mobile phone and ensure that the information present in all general settings fields is marked correctly. You can make the changes if required and then click on the “ok” button to exit the screen.
  • Tap the “incoming server” and choose “POP3” as your mail server.
  • Enter the settings for POP3 server i.e.
  • Place a checkmark across the “secure connection” option and verify the necessary certificates.
  • Set the port number value to 995
  • Save the settings and restart your device to use AIM for sending and receiving emails.