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Android – Centurylink email setup on Android Phone

Centurylink email Settings for Android Phone

Centurylink email can be configured on your android Smartphone very easily. With just a few changes in the settings, you can link your Centurylink email with android phone. Now you need not rely on the computer to check your emails. You can access the emails stored in your Centurylink account conveniently on your android mobile phone. The Centurylink email settings on android can be done using POP settings.

POP is preferred by most of the Centurylink users over IMAP due to the fact that it provides better features, robustness and flexibility. Centurylink does not support IMAP. Incorrect settings of email can cause all sorts of problem in sending and receiving an email. But with the correct procedure, you can negate the situation. This article will enlighten you on how you can perform the correct email settings of Centurylink on your phone.

Server settings for Centurylink email

There are basically two ways to add Centurylink email in your android mobile, i.e. through automatic settings and manual settings. You can choose any of the settings which work for you. The incoming and outgoing server settings will remain the same. You need to make sure that the values for incoming and outgoing server is set as per the information given in the table. The server set up of Centurylink email on Android are as follows-

Attributes Values
Incoming port 993
Incoming server
SSL required ssl
Outgoing port 143
Outgoing server
Authentication required yes

Important things to know

Here are a few things that you should bear in mind before and after configuring Centurylink on your phone-

  1. Centurylink support POP settings because with POP as email server type, you can store your emails on the server and can fetch them whenever you need.
  2. To begin with the settings, you must possess a valid Centurylink email address and password.
  3. You should take a backup of your data before performing the desired configuration as a safety net.
  4. Make sure that your mobile is well connected to the internet. It should be getting enough speed for setting up Centurylink email on Android.
  5. Restart your phone once you are done with the setup. This way your phone will execute the changes recently made and you can access your mails easily.

How to access Centurylink email on android

The setup process of Centurylink email on android device is quite simple. However, the setup completely depends on the type, manufacturer and model of android phone you own. The core process will more or less remain the same i.e. the server settings will remain the same no matter what kind of mobile phone one possesses. Here are the Centurylink email settings for your android phone-

  • Open the “mail” app present on the applications tray of your android device and go to the settings.
  • Click on the “add a new email account” option to add a new Centurylink email.
  • You’ll be asked to choose from the options given for the type of account. Select “POP3” from that option.
  • Now you are required to enter your full Centurylink email address and password.
  • Select the option “Manual Setup” to manually configure Centurylink email on android.
  • Enter the following information for incoming server settings-
    • Username: Enter the username/address with which you login into Centurylink email account.
    • Incoming
    • Incoming port: You need to set the incoming port number to 993
    • Security type: Enable the security feature by selecting “ssl” option.
    • Password: Give the password of Centurylink email.
    • Choose the ‘next’ button to jump to the outgoing settings for Centurylink email set up on Android.
  • Here’s what you need to enter in the outgoing email server settings-
    • Outgoing
    • Security type: You can enable the feature by tapping the “ssl” option.
    • Authorization required: To enable the authentication, place a checkmark across the option.
    • Outgoing port: Set the outgoing email server port number to 143
    • Username: Type your complete email address.
    • Password: Type your password.
    • Choose the ‘next’ button to complete the setup.
  • When you are done with the setup of Centurylink on android, you need to accept the option “leave a copy of your emails on the server.”
  • Congratulations! You have successfully completed the setup. Now you can use Centurylink email for sending and receiving emails through android phone.
  • In case, you still face problem in accessing your emails then you can talk to the Centurylink customer support for more help and assistance.