Correct Email Settings for Android Phone

Setting up email on android is not that complicated as it might appear to some users. Gone are the days when you relied on the computer to check your emails.

Now emails can be easily configured in the smart phones. With a few changes in the settings, anyone can access email account on android phone.

Connecting email account in android phone can appear tricky to the users at first but with the right guidance, the setup could be easily understood and applied.

Android users seeking the correct way to connect their account in android phone can do it with ease with the help of steps given in the post.

Accessing (Internet America) on android mobile can not only reduce time in checking emails but also help you organize your mails as you do it on the computer.

You can additionally access your emails conveniently when you link your email account with Android mobile. Follow the post to know how to set up email on Android devices.

Email settings in (Internet America) for Android phone

The key configuration for setting email in android mobile phones is mentioned in the table. The values stated here should match the corresponding attributes in order to setup email hassle-free.

Attributes Value required
Incoming server
Incoming port 143
Authorization required True/yes
Outgoing server
Outgoing port 587
SSL incoming required None

Things to remember before linking email on Android

Before jumping straight to the configuration of (Rise broadband) email on android mobiles, it is important for the users to go through the following key reminders-

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  • Backup your data/ emails stored in account as a safety precaution. The process for Airmail email settings for android will not alter the data stored in your account. But for a safer side, you should always keep a backup of important emails and documents.
  • To setup account on a mobile phone, users must have a valid email id or username and password. If you have forgotten the password of your Airmail email, then you should reset/recover it before initiating the setup.

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  • In order to configure airmail email in android phone, it is essential for you to connect your android with a stable internet connection. Make sure your device is well connected to wifi or mobile data is turned on.
  • Once you are done with the configuration, you must not forget to restart your phone to let the necessary changes take place.

How to setup email on Android devices?

The setup procedure for on Android phone varies according to the mobile model and brand a user owns. login window

But the core configuration remains the same no matter which phone you possess. The installation setup for email on android is given below-

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  • Start the procedure by opening the “mail” app on your android phone then you need to choose “settings”. In phones where the mail app doesn’t exist, users need to go to the “settings” to connect email.
  • Now tap on the “add a new email account” option and select “IMAP”.
  • You’ll be asked to enter your full (Rise Broadband) email address and password. Enter the concerned email id and password and then select “Manual Setup”.
  • Enter the following information in the incoming server settings-
    • Username: Provide you username with which you access account
    • Password: Enter the password of
    • Incoming server:
    • Incoming port: Set the incoming port number to 143
    • Security type: Mark this field as “none”
    • Click on the “next” option to proceed further.
  • Set the outgoing email server settings according to the values given below-
    • Outgoing server:
    • Outgoing port: Change the outgoing port number to 587
    • Security type: Enable the SSL by selecting “ssl” option
    • Authorization required: To change the settings, authorization will be required. Set this field to “yes”.
    • Username: Enter your email address or username
    • Password: Provide the concerned password
    • Tap on the ‘next’ button.
  • Now you have successfully added Airmail email on android phone. Restart the phone to let those changes work. Once you restart the device, the settings you’ve recently changed will get reflected. You can open and use Airmail on android to send/receive emails conveniently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is available for iOS devices?

Yes, can be used on iOS devices as well.

Can I access offline on my android phone?

No, you need a proper internet connection to use email accounts.

Can I use with my email client?

Yes, is compatible with most email clients including outlook.

Is email free?

It is free for rise broadband internet users.

Is it possible to access MacOS X?

Yes, you can access on macOS with ease.