Steps to Fix Outlook Not Sending or Receiving Emails

Outlook Not Sending or Receiving Emails Today: Depending upon their field of work, a lot of users prefer email as their primary medium of communication. Emails are preferred for communication because they are fast and secure. However, like any other technological services, emails are also not 100% reliable. There are various problems that you may face while using Emails. If you use Outlook as your primary email service provider then you may occasionally face problem in sending and receiving emails 2023.

There is no such device that is completely immune to Outlook not sending or receiving email problem. Every now and then, we can see different user complaining issues like Outlook not sending emails on Android, unable to receive outlook emails on Mac etc.

It is not possible to highlight/ select one or two issues that are responsible for a problem in sending & receiving Outlook emails. In fact, there are a lot of issues that can contribute to such problems. Nevertheless, you can check this tutorial to find out the reason why you are unable to send or receive emails on Outlook and step to fix this problem.

Unable to send and receive emails on my outlook

No matter if you are using Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016, you may face a problem in sending or receiving problems. Here are some common reasons and issues responsible for these problems.

Not able to send email through my Outlook email account

  • The attachment you are trying to send with your email is too big.
  • Your internet connection is too weak to send an email.
  • The browser might be stopping Outlook from sending an email in case you are using Outlook on the web.
  • MS Outlook is down in your area due to a service outage.
  • If you are trying to send email from Outlook email client software then improper configuration can also cause such problems.
  • An antivirus program not allowing outlook to send an email message because it is scanning the attachment.
  • You are not typing the email address of your recipient correctly.
  • Corrupt IMAP/ POP settings on the Outlook program.
  • Your recipients might have blocked you.
  • Your Outlook account is blocked by Microsoft due to suspicious activities or sending a lot of spam emails.

Outlook is not receiving emails

In case your Outlook not receiving emails but can send them then the following are the most possible causes.  

  • The emails might be landing in other folders like spam, trash etc. This happens due to an inbuilt spam filter in Outlook.
  • You are not connected to the internet and that’s why the outlook is unable to fetch new emails from the server.
  • There is no storage space left in your Outlook email account for a new email.
  • Filters in your Outlook email account are not allowing emails from a certain sender to reach your inbox.
  • Problem with the web browser you are using in case of Outlook webmail.
  • Incorrect IMAP/ POP settings if you are using the Outlook program.
  • You might have blocked the sender mistakenly. This is the most possible issue if your Outlook not receiving emails from one person particularly.
  • Extensions and add-on for your web browser causing the problem in fetching new emails on Outlook.
  • Outdated Outlook Android app can be the reason why outlook not working on android.

Fix Outlook not sending email problems

In case your Outlook won’t send emails then you should follow the steps given below.

  1. The first step is to check internet connectivity. Make sure you are connected to an uninterrupted internet connection while sending email on Outlook.
  2. Check the Outlook status and ensure that there is no Microsoft Outlook outage in your area.
  3. The size of an attachment in your Outlook email account should be within the permissible limit. In case the file is too big then you can save it on the cloud storage and send a link to that file through the outlook email.
  4. Clear the data of your web browser including cache memory, cookies, search history etc.
  5. Disable the extensions and add-ons of your browser or you can also opt for a different browser if possible.
  6. Temporarily disable the antivirus program installed in your computer and try to send the email once again.
  7. If you are facing problem in sending emails through Outlook program then you should check the configuration i.e. IMAP/ POP settings.
  8. If Outlook email is sent but not received by the recipient then you should get in touch with your recipients through any other medium and ask them to check the following things.
    1. Ask your recipients to check their spam/trash folder.
    2. Ask them to check their block list as well as the filter settings. This will ensure that you are not blocked.
    3. In case the problem continues, then you should also ask your recipients to contact their email service provider.

Steps to resolve Outlook not receiving Emails

Here is the step by step solution that you should follow if you are unable to receive emails on your Outlook account.

  1. Firstly, you should check your internet connection and make sure your internet is fast and smooth.
  2. Check the new email on other folders within your Outlook email account such as draft, trash etc.
  3. Make sure there is enough storage space in your Outlook account for a new email.
  4. Clear the cache and cookies of your web browser. In case the problem continues then you should consider switching to another web browser or set up your email account on Outlook program.
  5. In case your Microsoft Outlook not receiving some emails then you should check your filter settings as well. It is possible that there is some filter in your account that is filtering out new emails in your account.
  6. If you can’t receive emails on the Outlook program then you should check the IMAP/ POP settings.
  7. Some users complain about the issues like unable to receive Outlook email on the iPhone. Such users should re-configure Outlook on iPhone. Outlook IMAP or POP settings are pre-configured on iPhone so you can set up Outlook on an iPhone automatically.
  8. For the web version of Outlook, you should also disable the add-ons and extensions of your browser.
  9. Sometimes, antivirus and windows firewall settings can cause hindrance in downloading new email especially if it contains an attachment. So, you may disable your antivirus for a while.
  10. Make sure you haven’t blocked the sender by mistake.
  11. Talk to your senders and ensure they are sending email to your correct email address.
  12. Also, ensure that your sender is not sending the email having an unsupported file

Note: In case you were previously forwarding emails from another account to your Outlook email account but you no longer receiving those emails then you should make sure the forwarding is not expired.

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