Simple Steps To fix Hotmail Not Working on Android or iPhone Problems

Simple Steps To fix Hotmail Not Working on Android or iPhone Problems

Hotmail Not working 2021: Ever since Hotmail is revamped into, the Hotmail users need to log into their email account through the Outlook website. Due to all these changes, the users have to face different kinds of issues and problems while accessing their Hotmail account. The problems faced by users are very diverse in nature. Some users find it difficult to sign in to their Hotmail account while for some users Hotmail doesn’t work at all.

This tutorial is for those users who are facing different kinds of problems in using their Hotmail email account. Here, we will provide you with the possible reasons why your Hotmail not working 2021 and how you can get these issues fixed effortlessly.

Common Problems with Hotmail Email Account

Like any other email service, Hotmail is also prone to a lot of different errors as well as issues. Let’s have a look at some of the common problems reported by a lot of Hotmail users as given below:

  • Hotmail not working on iPhone
  • Hotmail not syncing
  • Not able to reset hotmail password
  • Hotmail not responding/ loading
  • Hotmail not loading emails
  • Unable to access hotmail on android
  • Unable to login to hotmail
  • Forgot hotmail password
  • Hotmail password not working
  • Hotmail not sending email
  • Not able to open hotmail inbox

The issues we have listed above are just for your reference. Actually, you may find yourself facing many other problems swhile using a Hotmail account.

Why my Hotmail account isn’t working properly?

Hotmail email account should work flawlessly with Outlook. In case your Hotmail account has stopped working then following issues might be the reasons.

  • Using Hotmail on a browser that is not compatible.
  • Hotmail not loading because you are using an outdated browser.
  • The device on which you are using Hotmail is not compatible.
  • Javascript is not enabled in your web browser.
  • There is an accumulation of cookies and caches in your web browser.
  • Your hotmail account is blocked by outlook.
  • Your device is running out of storage space especially if you are using Hotmail on Android/ iPhone
  • Antivirus or any other third party app interfering with the proper workflow of Hotmail on Outlook.
  • Your Hotmail account hacked by someone.

These are some of the most common factors responsible for a lot of problems in Hotmail account.

Factors that cause Hotmail Not working Problem

Let’s discuss each of the factors that can cause Hotmail to work in an inappropriate manner.

Internet Connectivity

  • Having a smooth Internet connection is the most basic requirement to use Hotmail or another email service.
  • If your Internet is not smooth then you will have to face various kinds of errors and issues while using Hotmail.
  • To check the Internet you may simply run another website on your device. If the other website is running properly then it is an indication that there is no problem with your internet connection.

Browser’s Compatibility

  • To use all features and functions of Hotmail you must run it on a compatible browser.
  • The good thing is that Hotmail is readily compatible with most browsers like chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.

Using an outdated browser

  • Please remember, Hotmail works best on the latest version of a compatible browser.
  • Those who are using an obsolete version of the browser should update the same immediately.

Add-on and plugins installed on the browsers

  • Most of us add different add-ons and plugins to the browser to make internet browsing smoother.
  • It is also a fact that some add-ons and plugins installed on the browser can also cause Hotmail to malfunction. So, we must add these plugins very carefully.

Size of the File Attached

  • One of the main reasons behind being unable to send Hotmail email problem is trying to attach a file that is too big.
  • Remember, you can’t attach a file to a hotmail message that is too big in size.
  • If you want to send a larger file then you need to break the same into multiple smaller files.

Incorrect IMAP/ POP settings

  • Many of us like to use our email accounts on different email clients.
  • You should know that to use Hotmail on an email client, you must enter the correct IMAP/ POP settings.
  • Even a small mistake while entering the IMAP/ POP settings can result in a lot of problems.

Errors while entering Login credentials

  • The primary reason why a large number of users have to deal with Hotmail sign-in issues is entering the incorrect username and password.
  • You will not be able to sign-in in case you make even the slightest of mistakes while entering your password or username. The password is case sensitive so you should turn off the caps lock button on your keyboard while entering the password.

Fix: Hotmail not working on a PC/ Laptop

In case your Hotmail account isn’t working on Google Chrome or any other web browser then you should follow the steps illustrated below:

  1. First and foremost, you should ensure that the web browser on which you are using Hotmail is fully compatible.
  2. Then, ensure that you are not using an outdated version of the web browser.
  3. Clear the cookies and cache memory of your browser and then try to run Hotmail again.
  4. If you are unable to sign-in then make sure that you are entering the correct email id and password. Also, check the caps lock button, this button should not be pressed while entering the password.
  5. In case you can’t remember your password, then you need to run Hotmail password recovery to reset the password.
  6. Make sure your account is not blocked by Outlook. Generally, the accounts are blocked due to sending a lot of spam and other suspicious activities.
  7. In case Hotmail not receiving emails 2021 then you should make sure that there is enough storage space in your Hotmail account. Also, make sure you haven’t blocked the sender by filters.
  8. Check the size and format of the attachment if you are not able to send emails.
  9. Check IMAP/ POP settings if you are using Hotmail email on the Outlook program.
  10. Switch to another browser and see if this resolves the problem you are facing.
  11. Scan your PC with a good antivirus and make sure it is not infected with a virus.

In case Hotmail is not working properly even after following all the above-mentioned steps then you should contact Hotmail support for further instructions.

What to do if Hotmail email is not working on Android/ iPhone?

To enjoy the best experience of using Hotmail on Android/ iPhone it is recommended that you should set up hotmail account on android/ iPhone 2021 using IMAP. Here are the steps you should follow if you are unable to use Hotmail on Android/ iPhone.

  1. Make sure your android/ iPhone device has proper internet connectivity if hotmail not loading emails or working slowly.
  2. Check the IMAP/ POP settings and make sure they are correct if you are using Hotmail through the “mail” app on android/ iPhone.
  3. Ensure that there is enough storage space in your iPhone or android in case hotmail not receiving emails on iPhone/ android.
  4. Make sure that there isn’t any antivirus or app installed on your phone that may hinder the workflow of Hotmail on Android/ iPhone.
  5. In case Hotmail is not working on the “Mail” app then you should try to open it on any compatible mobile browser.
  6. If the password is not working then you need to reset it using an account recovery phone number or email.

Unable to Log in to Hotmail – Hotmail password not working

Not being able to sign in to your Hotmail email account is very frustrating. Things can be even more troubling if such problems occur when you are expecting some important emails.  That’s why it is important for you to fix this problem as soon as possible. Check out the steps that you can follow to Hotmail sign-in issues.

  • Firstly, you need to make sure that you are entering the correct password. At the same time, you should check and ensure that the caps lock button is not active on your keyboard.
  • If you forgot your Hotmail password then you should click on the “Forget Password” button appearing at the bottom of the login window.
  • Then, Outlook/ Hotmail will ask you to choose the option where you want to receive the security codes.
  • You can receive a security code either on your phone number or an alternate email address associated with Hotmail.
  • Enter the security codes you have received accurately. Ensure that you won’t make mistake entering the codes.
  • Now, the option to create a new password for your Hotmail account will appear on your screen.
  • Here, you need to provide a strong password for your Hotmail account.
  • Confirm the new password by entering it once again and save changes.
  • Finally, you can sign-in again by using new login credentials.

Hotmail Password Requirements

As you can see you need to provide a new password every time you reset the login credentials. Make sure the password you provide meets the following requirements.

  • Always use a password that is at least eight characters (length can vary according to the type of account you are using)
  • You should include both uppercase and lowercase letters in the password.
  • Also, include numbers in the password.
  • You must also use punctuation or other non-alphanumeric characters.

Tips to Keep your Hotmail Account

Despite the security measures available today, hacking is still a reality on the Internet. Fortunately, there are some precautions that you can follow to keep your Hotmail account safe.

  • First and foremost, never share your Hotmail password with anyone. Don’t share the password even if someone claims to be from Hotmail.
  • Never click on random links that you get through email. Many a time, phishing links are sent by hackers to get access to the login credentials.
  • You should click on any suspicious link while browsing the Internet. Such links can take you to malicious websites designed to track your password.
  • Keep changing your Hotmail password regularly.
  • Try to make a longer password. It is observed that longer passwords are difficult for hackers to track.

You should seek help from Hotmail customer service if the problem continues even after trying all the steps mentioned above.


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