Best Ways to fix Hotmail Sign in Problem: How to Prevent Hotmail Login Issue?

Why do you face Hotmail sign in problem- you have forgotten your account password, there is a verification issue, you forgot your username, your Hotmail account is locked, or there are Windows device sign in issues. What are the best ways to fix Hotmail login issue- we’ll discuss it here.

You must know that Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft in the year 1997 and therefore, you need to visit for login to your Hotmail account. Many users face hotmail login issue and this is why Microsoft has recommended a solution we are discussing here in this article.

Before you implement a solution to fix hotmail sign in issue, you need to go to its root cause. Knowing the reason helps you to fix the issue ideally.

Certain Facts You Must Read

Hotmail is today is owned by Microsoft that acquired Hotmail in the year 1997.

For login to your Hotmail account you are required to visit the sign in page.

You can login at using your existing Hotmail username and password.

How to Fix Hotmail sign in Problem?

Please follow one of these three methods to fix Hotmail sign in problem:

Method 1: When you either forgot your password or there is a verification issue

Sometimes, we forget our Hotmail account password or the password isn’t working, or we are unable to complete the verification process and witness login issue.

If you don’t remember your Hotmail password then follow the steps below to reset your Hotmail password.

Step 1: Go to sign-in page and hit the sign in button.

Fix Homail Sign in Problems

Step 2: Enter your username and click Next. In this page you need to click Forgot Password.

Fix Forgot password issues hotmail

Step 3: Microsoft asks to verify your identity for security concerns before you start resetting your Hotmail account password.

You need to verify your identity based on the security info provided in your account.

Hotmail verification help

Choose a verification option- you want to receive verification code to your email address or phone number.

If you don’t have access to either your verification email or phone then you won’t be able to reset your Hotmail password.

Step 3: Get the verification code either to your email address and phone number.

hotmail verification code

Step 4: Enter the code and proceed with resetting your account password. In this way, you can successfully reset your hotmail account password.

Method 2: You have forgotten your username

You should remember your hotmail username for signing in to your account. But what if you have forgotten your Hotmail username?

If you have set up security info to your account then you retrieve your username from there only.

Step 1: You need to look up for your username through your security phone number or email address.

Step 2: Get a security code to your registered email address or contact number.

Step 3: Choose the code and hit Next.

Step 4: Your username will be displayed proceed with entering your password and login to your account.

Method 3: You receive a message that your Hotmail account is locked

Sometime, when Microsoft finds continuous Hotmail login failed or suspicious activity in your account then they may lock your account. You can unlock your account with the help of a security code.

Please keep the following things in mind:

  • You are allowed to use any phone number for requesting the security code.
  • It is not compulsory that the phone number should be associated to your account.
  • It is also not essential to have a smartphone with internet connection. Your phone number will be used just to receive a text message.
  • You may need to create a password for your account. However, you should create a strong password for your account.

Tips to create a strong password for your account:

Do Don’t
Create a unique password for each of your accounts. It is never recommended to keep similar password for different accounts.
You should use a phrase or sentence that can be converted to a string of numbers, initials, and symbols. Never use a single word password like technical, language, animal etc.
Do not create a password which is very simple to guess. Create a strong password that is hard to guess indeed. Do not use your family numbers name or their birthdays as your password. Never create a password such as 123456, iloveyou, I hateyou, password etc.

Not Able to Reset Hotmail Password?

When you are not able to reset your Hotmail account password, it means you don’t have access to your security contact information.

In that case you need to Fill out the Microsoft account recovery form. Be sure to enter right password- there may be a case when we accidently enter wrong password.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is verification code essential for resetting my hotmail password?

Answer:  Yes, it is essential. You can get the verification code either to your registered email address or phone number.

Question 2: I forgot my Hotmail username, how to login?

Answer: You can locate your username with the help of security info provided in your account.

Question 3:  I am not seeing the NEXT option, what to do?

Answer: It means your hotmail account is locked due to which you are facing Hotmail sign in problem.

Question 4: I am not receiving the security code in case of locked account?

Answer: You can use any other mobile number for receiving the security code.

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