9 killer solutions to fix Hotmail not receiving problem in 2023

Have you ever come across a situation when you just stop receiving emails in your Hotmail account? It is reported widely that people are not receiving emails in Hotmail but there is quick solution for this issue.

We can understand that it has been always annoying when you can’t receive emails in your Hotmail account and you genuinely don’t know what to do.

All of us use emails for personal as well as professional communication and when you are receiving them you may miss crucial messages from your colleagues, boss, or clients.

Why are you not receiving Emails in Hotmail?

We have shared below the best possible ways to fix Hotmail emails not receiving issue after reviewing various online sources and forums.

Do check your Junk Email folder

junk email folder hotmail

Sometimes, you receive emails in your junk folder instead of inbox. To check the same, you are required to visit outlook.com.

Next, you need to login to your Hotmail account by entering your username and password. Go to the junk folder, if there are some emails then mark them as not junk by right-clicking on the email.

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After doing the same, your important emails will be moved to the inbox from your junk folder.

Check certain issues with the Hotmail server

You need to check if there are technical issues with the Hotmail server. In case there is an issue at the Hotmail end then it will be displayed at Microsoft Service Status. All you can do is wait for the problem to get resolved.

Microsoft Outlook Service Status
Source – Microsoft

Clean Hotmail Inbox

clean your inbox hotmail

There may be a case when your inbox is full and you can’t receive emails in your Hotmail account. If you come across such a situation then it is recommended to check the following:

Step 1: You can start by hitting the Gear icon followed by the “View all” button.

Step 2: Open the General tab to find Storage. Here, you get all the details about the available storage.

In case you find the storage is full then remove unnecessary emails to free up space for new messages. You may go to the junk email folder and delete emails that are no longer useful. 

Check the Hotmail Filters

You may be a victim of a Hotmail norm. These norms can stop emails from reaching your inbox. To fix the same, you can click the Gear icon and choose “see all”. Go to Mail and choose the Rules category.

If there are certain Hotmail rules or filters designed to prevent you from receiving emails then either edit the same or delete it.

Don’t forget to save once you are done with making the required changes. There is a great possibility that you start receiving emails.

Did you set up the other tab?

Hotmail gives you option to separate your inbox in two parts – Focused inbox and other tab. Focused inbox is separated just to receive crucial emails so that you don’t miss anything really important.

If you have also set up the Other Tab then we request you to check that tab as well to ensure there are emails out there. If you find certain important emails over there then just move the same to Focused inbox.

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Take a look at the Block List.

You could have blocked a person and you just don’t remember. For the same, you must check the blocked persons list in your Hotmail account.

For the same, you must click on the Outlook Settings > Mail > Junk Email. Check the email address of the sender you have blocked and unblock the same. As soon as you unblock the senders, you start receiving emails from them.

If you did not see any email address in the block list then you may put those emails to the Safe Senders list.

You can click on the “Add” button and enter the email address to save. In this way, the email address will be added to the Safe Sender List and you will start receiving emails for sure.

Is Email Forwarding Option Enabled?


It is one of the most common reasons when users stop receiving emails in their Hotmail account. If your email forwarding option is enabled, the message you are looking for might get forwarded to another email address. 

You can check this option by clicking on the outlook setting button followed by “Mail and Forwarding”.

If you see that Email forwarding option is enabled then you can disable the same by clicking on Stop forwarding.

Your account is blocked

Many a time, Hotmail blocks your account when they find any suspicious activities. You must ensure that your hotmail account is not blocked

Switch to Outlook

You might know that Hotmail service got discontinued by Microsoft. Therefore, you should migrate from Hotmail to Outlook.

Step 1: You need to go to the official website outlook.com.

Step 2: Sign in to Outlook using your existing Hotmail email address and password.

Once done, you’ll be able to access your Outlook dashboard using your existing Hotmail email address and password.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum size of email I can send through Hotmail?

20 MB

How can I check if Outlook serves are down?

You can check the same by visiting the Microsoft Service Status.

How do I know if my Hotmail account is blocked?

You will get an error message when you try to sign in.

Why do Outlook generally suspends an email account?

Due to suspicious activities like unusual sign-in and more.

Is Outlook designed to download all emails by default?

By default, Outlook downloads email for the past one year.

Are you still not able to receive emails on Hotmail? Feel free to share your concerns through the comment box below.

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