Unable to start Vostro 5410 laptop i7 – Know how to fix Dell Vostro laptop that is not starting up?

Vostro is a powerful range of laptops that are built for top-notch performance. In this range of laptops, one of the most appreciated and admired laptops is Vostro 5410. Powered by an Intel i7 processor, this laptop is ideal for gaming and business use. However, occasionally, we can see users grumbling about the issues like being unable to start the Vostro 5410 laptop i7

When your Dell Vostro does not start, it can either be a hardware or software problem. To fix such a problem, you need to identify the factors that are causing the Dell Vostro laptop to malfunction and resolve them. In today’s post, we are going to share some easy measures to get your Dell PC in working order once again. 

Why Dell Vostro 5410 Laptop is not starting?

As mentioned earlier in this post, it is crucial for you to understand the factor that causes dell laptops to show problems and the time of their starting/ booting. Then, only you will be able to fix this kind of problems. Here is the list of possible reasons due to which Dell laptop won’t turn on

  • Power supply or Battery issues – It is possible that your dell laptop is unable to get power from the power source or a battery due to which laptop is not starting.  
  • Corrupted system BIOS – A corrupted system BIOS is also a common reason why Dell Vostro laptop fails to start up
  • Damaged internal hardware – If any of your laptop’s internal hardware like Ram, hard disk, etc. is in a damaged condition then will not boot. You can check this problem through the bios setup of your laptop.
  • A virus or other malware – Another prominent reason due to which users have to deal with being unable to start Dell laptops is a virus or malware infection. There are many viruses and malware designed to correct files in such a way as to stop the laptop from starting.  
  • Corrupted Windows files – In case your windows files are corrupted due to any reason then you can face many kinds of issues including Dell Laptop isn’t starting. 

You should note that in case of dell laptop not starting after pressing the power button and there is no light anywhere then the problem lies with the power supply. In case your Dell laptop stalls during startup you likely have a software problem.   

How can I fix a Dell Vostro 5410 laptop that isn’t starting or not working?

Given below are some basic troubleshooting measures to fix Dell Vostro won’t turn on. We have tried to list down the basic solution to more advanced solutions. 

1st Solution – Check the power supply

  • First of all, make sure your laptop is powered up.  To check the same you should ensure that the power wire is intact and plugged into your PC.
  • In case none of the lights on your laptop is on then it indicates a faulty power cable. 
  • Even if the light is turned on the cable can still be damaged. We recommend you check the power cable using a multimeter. 

2nd Solution – Remove any USB storage device and try again

  • In case a USB drive is plugged into your laptop then you should remove the same and try starting your laptop. 

3rd Solution – Power Cycle Your Dell Laptop

  • At the time when your computer is turned off then you should remove external devices such as printers, USB, etc. 
  • Next, press and hold the power button for at least 15 to 20 seconds. In this way, all the residual power will be drained out. Now, you can try starting your dell Vostro 5410 laptop. 

4th Solution – Remove the battery and power your laptop using the power source

  • In case the Dell laptop won’t turn on but the power light is on then you should remove the battery. Please note the new versions of Dell laptops don’t have a removable battery. But, if the battery is removable then you can remove it. 

5th Solution – Run Dell PC diagnostic tool

  • All Dell laptops have a built-in diagnostic tool that can identify problems when your PC is powered on but doesn’t boot up.
  • This diagnostic tool will give you an error code that can lead you in the right direction.   

6th Solution – Try to start your Windows computer in safe mode

  • As you might know viruses and malware can also stop Windows computers from starting up. So, to fix this, you should run your laptop in safe mode and scan it using an Antivirus. 

7th Solution – Reset the system BIOS settings

  • Another solution that you can try is clearing the CMOS in order to reset your motherboard’s BIOS Settings. 
  • Restoring the system BIOS to the default settings could resolve the booting issues. 

8th Solution – Reset Factory setting on your Laptop

  • If your laptop powers on but not starting up then what you can do is the factory reset. 
  • After factory reset,  you can install a clean version of the Windows operating system.
  • With a clean installation, your PC will return to its state when you first bought it.  

9th Solution – Contact Dell Customer service

  • We hope that the problem you are facing will get resolved after following the measures mentioned above in this post. 
  • In case your Dell Vostro 5410 laptop i7 still isn’t starting then you may contact Dell Customer Service for more advanced solutions. 

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