Spectrum Email Not Working Today: Fix Roadrunner Email Not Sending Problems 2022

Charter Spectrum offers Roadrunner email service to its high-speed internet users. In recent years, Charter spectrum internet has gained a lot of popularity. As Roadrunner email is a part of Charter spectrum Internet service, that’s why it is also getting a lot of new users. However, like any other email service, Roadrunner is also far from being 100% reliable. Every now and then, we can see the Roadrunner users complaining that their Spectrum email not working Today. The problems in a Spectrum email account can be very diverse. Some users found themselves unable to send/ receive emails on Roadrunner, while Roadrunner email doesn’t work at all for some users.

The situation can be even more worst if you use Roadrunner as your primary email account. Nonetheless, you can read this tutorial to know why users have to face such problems and what you can do if your Roadrunner email account is not working properly.

Common error and issues why Spectrum (RR) email stopped working

There are a lot of errors or issues why Spectrum email stops working for different users. It is quite difficult to list down all the possible issues in a single post. However, we have gathered some very common Roadrunner email issues along with their reasons as given below:

  • Spectrum email sign-in problem: Being unable to log in to Roadrunner email can be quite frustrating. This type of problems mostly occurs when you forget Roadrunner password.
  • Charter Spectrum email not sending/ receiving emails: In case you can’t send or receive roadrunner emails then it is possible that the problem is at your end or at the end of your sender/ recipient. Generally, this kind of problem appears when you use Roadrunner on an incompatible device or browser
  • Spectrum roadrunner email not opening on Google chrome: Roadrunner is readily compatible to work with Google Chrome. However, you can face a problem if there are malicious add-ons installed in your browser.
  • Unable to reset Roadrunner email password: If your Roadrunner email password not working and you are unable to reset it then you may have to face a lot of problems. This can happen when you don’t have an updated roadrunner password recovery option such as phone number or alternate email ID.
  • Email attachment not loading on Roadrunner: Like most of the email services, Roadrunner also has an upper cap on the size of the file you can attach with your email. If you are trying to attach a file that is too big in size then you may face an error.
  • Roadrunner not responding or crashing frequently: This problem generally occurs due to a low storage space in your device. At the same time, the antivirus software installed in your device can also be a reason why you are facing such problems.
  • Receiving too many spam emails in Roadrunner email inbox: When you share your email address too often on the internet you become a soft target for the spammers. Although Roadrunner has an inbuilt spam filter the spammer can still find a way to spam your inbox.
  • Roadrunner emails not opening on Mac: The overall performance of Roadrunner is good on Mac devices. However, if your Roadrunner email not working on iOS/ mac device then you should check the IMAP/ POP settings.

How can I Fix Spectrum email isn’t working problem

The simple step by step procedure to fix Roadrunner email not working problems on different devices are given below:

Fix Roadrunner webmail not working on a computer browser

Here are the steps you need to follow if your Roadrunner email account is not working on Firefox, Chrome or any other computer browser.

  1. First of all, make sure that the browser you are using is compatible with the Roadrunner email.
  2. Clear the cache and cookies of your browser and try to load Roadrunner again.
  3. Disable all the third party suspicious add-ons and extensions in your browser one by one. Open Roadrunner email after disabling each extension to find out which extension is causing the problem.
  4. You should also disable the antivirus software and windows firewall installed in your PC. However, you should enable them back in case the problem continues. If the problem gets fixed after disabling antivirus then you should switch to other antivirus software.
  5. Try to open Roadrunner webmail on any other browser and device to see if this resolves the browser.

How to resolve Spectrum Email is not working on iPhone problem

Although you can open Roadrunner webmail through the Safari browser of your iPhone it is recommended to setup Roadrunner email on iPhone for a better experience. Here are the things that you should check if Roadrunner email isn’t working well on your iPhone.

  1. Make sure you are using the correct Roadrunner email IMAP/ POP setting for iPhone. The correct IMAP setting for accessing Roadrunner email on an iPhone is given below.
    1. Account Type: IMAP
    2. Incoming Email server hostname: mobile.charter.net
    3. Incoming Server port: 993
    4. SSL: on (for both SMTP and IMAP)
    5. Outgoing Email server hostname: mobil.charter.net
    6. Outgoing server port: 587
  2. Although IMAP is more flexible for using Roadrunner email you can opt for POP settings if Roadrunner stops working with IMAP.
  3. Make sure there isn’t any application on your iPhone that can interfere with the proper workflow of roadrunner email.
  4. Disable the antivirus app installed in your iPhone and check if this fixes the problem you are facing.
  5. Report the problem to the Roadrunner support if you still can’t use Roadrunner email on an iPhone.

What to do if Roadrunner email not working on Android Today

Similarly to the iPhone, you can also use Roadrunner email on a web browser on your smartphone. However, on the web browser, the user experience will not be as great as using it via IMAP/POP.

  1. In case your Roadrunner emails are not working on android then you should recheck the IMAP/ POP setting installed in your android smartphone.
  2. You can switch from IMAP to POP and vice-versa if you are facing problem in one particular setting. The POP setting for using Roadrunner email on android is given below:
    1. Incoming server: pop-server.dc.rr.com
    2. Incoming server port: 110
    3. SSL: no
    4. Outgoing server hostname: mobile-smtp.roadrunner.com
    5. Outgoing port: 25
    6. Authentication: Yes.
  3. Make sure you have ample storage space in your android phone.
  4. Ensure that there is no such application on your android that can hinder the proper workflow of Roadrunner.

Solutions to some General Spectrum email problems.

Let’s have a look at the solution to some particular problems in Roadrunner email.

Spectrum email not sending emails

Follow the steps given below to fix such a problem

  • Make sure your Roadrunner email account is not blocked due to sending a large number of emails.
  • Check your internet connection and make sure your internet speed is good.
  • Ensure that you are using Roadrunner on a compatible device and browser.
  • Recheck and make sure you are not typing the wrong email address of your recipient.
  • Switch to another browser and try to resend email again.
  • Give a call to your recipients and ask them to check other folders in their email account such as spam, trash etc.

Spectrum Email password not working

In case the password of your Spectrum email account is not working then you need to reset it.

  • Go to the login page of Roadrunner email and click on the “Forgot Your Spectrum Email Password?” password link.
  • Provide your Roadrunner email address.
  • Then you will receive a password recovery code on your mobile phone or alternate email address.
  • Enter the Roadrunner webmail password recover code at the prescribed location.
  • Create a new Roadrunner password for future login and sign-in using the new password.

Unable to receive new emails on Spectrum

In case your Spectrum webmail account isn’t working and you can’t receive the emails then you should check the steps below:

  • Make sure that there is enough space in your account for the new emails.
  • You should also check the desired email in spam and trash folder as well.
  • Check your internet connectivity.
  • Load Spectrum email on other browser and device.
  • Get in touch with the sender the make sure he/she is sending email on the correct email address.

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