How to fix when Kodi not working (Fixed)

Kodi (formerly XBMC) is a free and open-source media player software that allows the users to play and view streaming media from services such as Amazon Prime Instant Video, Rhapsody, Spotify, YouTube, etc. It can be very easily installed on various platforms. But sometimes users face issues while using Kodi and they are unable to stream videos and enjoy other features offered by it. Using basic technical expertise the users can fix the Kodi not working issue by themselves. To help the users with this, this article provides some easy step solutions to solve Kodi related problems such as crashing, freezing, add-on issues, etc.

Common Kodi related issues and their solution

The not working of Kodi is a pretty common issue that can come in different forms. But the good news is that the users can fix these problems on their own by just knowing the right steps. In case you are facing the Kodi stopped working issue, some basic solutions for this have been discussed below in detail. Depending on what is the actual problem that you are facing, you can apply these troubleshooting measures.

Crashing and freezing of Kodi

There can be different reasons as to why Kodi keeps on crashing or freezing. Depending on the actual cause, there can be numerous solutions to fix this problem. See for some major reasons below along with the ways to fix them.

  • In case the issue started after you installed an add-on to Kodi, you need to delete the particular add-on for Kodi to work.
  • Hardware acceleration can also be a factor behind Kodi not working and can be fixed by going to Kodi settings and disabling hardware acceleration.
  • Cache building up can also can cause crashing and freezing of Kodi while playing videos. Once you clear the cache, the problem will solve automatically.
  • If nothing seems to work, you can always reinstall Kodi to fix the problem of crashing and freezing.

Problem in streaming Kodi videos

Kodi working slowly can create problem in streaming videos. Try the following to fix the problem in streaming Kodi videos:

  • Before you proceed with any major troubleshooting, make sure that you have good internet connectivity.
  • Check whether the video you are trying to stream has not been locked in your region.
  • You might need to get a Kodi repository that contains video add-ons to fix the streaming related issues.

Kodi stuck in a reboot loop

If your Kodi is stuck in a crash and reboot loop, you need to uninstall any custom builds that you have installed recently, if any. Updating URLResolver can also help in fixing the Kodi not working issue. To update your URLResolver follow the steps provided below:

  • Tap the gear icon present on the main screen of Kodi.
  • Go to System settings and scroll down to go to the Add-ons tab.
  • Click on the Manage dependencies option.
  • Select the URLResolver button and click on the Update option.

Kodi is unable to connect to a source

Most common reason why Kodi faces issues while connecting to the source is due to incorrect address. Make sure you do not make any spelling error while entering the source address. The address is also case sensitive so keep that in mind while entering the address.

If the address has been entered correctly, and you are still not able to connect to a source, the chances are there that the repository has gone offline or been moved to a new address. To check this, you need to open the source address in your browser. If the folder is empty or not found, definitely this is the reason behind your issue. In this case, you need to search for an alternative host.

Issue while installing/ deleting add-on in Kodi

In case you are not able to install a particular add-on to your Kodi, it is possible that the add-on is outdated or no longer supported by its developers. If this happens, you won’t be able to install that add-on and there is no real solution to it. Normally, it is suggested that you do not try to install an unsupported add-on as it can put your system at risk.

Older version of certain add-ons does not work with newer versions of Kodi. You need to download the updated add-ons in order to fix this problem.

Another reason why this is happening can be due to uninstalled dependencies of the add-ons you are trying to install. It is suggested that you do not even attempt to download such add-ons as they can also put your system at risk.

If you are facing issues in deleting add-ons, you can delete from outside of your Kodi interface. Steps for the same are provided below:

  • Open C drive on your computer and go to the Users folder.
  • Click on the folder with the name as same as the name of the user account you use for your computer.
  • Click on AppData folder and then select the Roaming folder.
  • Open the Kodi folder and select the add-ons you are facing difficulty in deleting.
  • Tap the delete button on your keyboard to delete those add-ons.

Problem with videos playing using Kodi

Sometimes, the Internet Service Provider blocks the streaming requests coming from Kodi. To fix this issue, all you need to do is use a VPN for Kodi that masks all the incoming streaming requests. You can get VPN service from different service providers as per your requirement and fix the Kodi not working issue.

If your video keeps on pausing while streaming through Kodi, this can be due to poor internet connectivity. Fix the issues with your internet to get a smooth flow of the video content. However, if instead of having a good internet connection your video keeps pausing, you might try using a VPN service as explained above.

Kodi black screen issues

Built-up adds-on cache is one of the major reasons as to why your screen turns black causing the Kodi not responding error. Whatever is the reason for it, to fix this problem, what you need to do is simply delete your addons.db file. Don’t worry as this does not delete your add-ons but only the add-ons cache.

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