How to fix Pinterest not working on Chrome

It is not unfair to say that Pinterest is one of the most popular social networking platforms available on the Internet. Just like on other social media platforms, users also like to share pictures, videos, and artwork on Pinterest. The reason behind the success of Pinterest is that it is very secure and fast. However, it is observed that Google Chrome users have to deal with different issues on Pinterest. 

This post is of your significance in case you aren’t able to access Pinterest on Chrome. Here, we will let you know why Pinterest isn’t loading on your device. In addition to this, we will provide you with simple steps to fix Pinterest not working on Chrome problem.

Why Pinterest isn’t working/ opening on Google Chrome?

If you are using Pinterest for a long time then you might know it is fully compatible with working with most web browsers including Google Chrome. In fact, most of the users prefer using Pinterest through Chrome. However, it is also true that some issues here and there are inevitable. Let’s go through some possible reasons due to which you might be facing errors while running Pinterest on Google Chrome. 

  • Internet connection – You need to have an internet connection in order to use Pinterest on Google Chrome or any other web browser. Those who are using a slow or interrupted can face various kinds of errors while using Pinterest irrespective of the browser.  
  • Outdated browser– Remember, Pinterest works the best on the latest version of Google Chrome. In case you are still using an obsolete version of the browser then you can find it difficult to use Pinterest,
  •  Add-ons and Plugins – The add-ons and plugins installed on Google Chrome can also be reasons behind Pinterest problems. This is the reason why it is often recommended that you should always install high-quality add-ons/ plugins only. 
  • Cache and Cookies – The accumulation of cache and cookies can also stop Pinterest to load properly on Chrome. 
  • Malware and Viruses – It is also possible that your device might be infected with Malware and Viruses. There are some viruses that are designed a such a way to disrupt the proper functioning of Pinterest. 
  • Server Issues – It is a rather rare problem. Still, we can say it is possible that Pinterest servers might be down in your area. You need not worry at all about this problem because Pinterest might already be working to get it fixed.  

Easy steps to fix Pinterest not working on Google Chrome

Without further delay, let’s go through the solutions that you should try in case you are unable to use Pinterest on Google Chrome. 

1st Solution – Check the version of Google Chrome you are using

The Pinterest website might malfunction for you in case you are using an outdated version of Chrome. You can easily resolve this issue by updating the browser. The steps to update Google Chrome are as follows. 

  • First of all, you need to open “Google Chrome”.
  • Next, click on the three dots icon available at the top-right corner. 
  • The new menu will open on the next screen. Click on the “Update Google Chrome” button that will display on the next menu that will appear. 
  • The browser will start updating automatically once you click on the button. 
  • You should restart the browser once it gets updated. 
  • Finally, open Pinterest to check if it is working or not. 

2nd Solution – Turn Off Hardware Acceleration if Available

Hardware intervention can cause Pinterest not loading on Google Chrome problem. You can fix this problem by following the steps listed below. 

  • Run Google Chrome, and choose settings by clicking on the three-dots icon available on the top-right corner. 
  • From the drop-down menu, you should click on the “Advanced Option”.
  • Now, a system option will display on your screen. Here, you should turn off the use of the hardware acceleration option from the system menu. 
  • In the next step, you should click on the “Relaunch” button.
  • Finally, Google Chrome will restart. You may now run Pinterest again and it should work fine now.   

3rd Solution – Reset Google Chrome Settings 

The incorrect settings can also cause Pinterest to malfunction. Here is how you can reset Google Chrome with ease. 

  • Firstly, you should open Google Chrome and click on the three-dot icon from the corner of the screen. 
  • Choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu that will display. 
  • Then, from the settings window, you should click on the “Advanced” option. 
  • In the next step, you must choose the “Reset settings to their original defaults” option under the “Reset and Clean up” screen. 
  • A confirmation page will display on your screen on the next page. Here, you should click on “Reset Settings to Continue”.
  • Finally, restart chrome. The Pinterest should work fine now. 

4th Solution – Clear Google Chrome Cache and Cookies 

The temporary files like Cache and Cookies can also be problematic if stored for a prolonged period of time. Here is how you can clear them. 

  • Run Google chrome and open settings. 
  • Scroll down the menu and hover your cursor on the “More Tools” button. 
  • Click “Clear Browsing Data” on the next drop-down menu. 
  • You will have to select the time range in the next step. To wipe out cache and cookies completely we recommend you select “All Time”.
  • Check the boxes against the items such as cookies, cache, browsing history, download history, etc.  
  • Next, click on the “Clear Data” option. Pinterest should work flawlessly after clearing the data. 

5th Solution – Disable Add-ons and Plugins 

The third-party add-ons and plugins installed on your web browser can also cause problems. So, if you aren’t able to use Pinterest on Google Chrome then you should disable add-ons one by one and see if resolves the problem.   

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