Google Meet Not Working: Check Quick & Proven Ways to Fix Issue/Problems

What if Google Meet not working? Discussed here the proven methods to troubleshoot and fix the issue. Google Meet has unquestionably made video-communication easier for professionals and corporate. However, it is quite frustrating to deal when sometimes Google Meet suddenly stops working. The technical issue is caused due to several reasons such as poor or no internet connection, software bugs, outdated mobile application, and there are also many other depending factors. 

Why Isn’t Google Meet Working?

Before you troubleshoot the Problems ‘Google Meet not working’ you need to understand its root cause. Though, there are many depending factors if Google Meet is not working, however, in most of the cases it arises due to these three typical reasons.

  1. Poor Internet issue: You need to check whether your device has an active internet connection. Try opening other web pages on your browser to check if the internet is working properly. 
  2. Hardware issue: May be there are some issues with your microphone or webcam. 
  3. Software issue: Web browser got crashed or associated app is not working.

How to Fix Google Meet Not working on Mac or PC?

The solution provided below is helpful in case Google Meet not working on Mac or PC:

  • Ensure that your computer is meeting the device requirements for the correct functionality of Google Meet. Most of the browsers work on Windows and macOS, however you should use latest version of the browser.
  • You also need to check if your internet connection is not working or there are Google Meet service outages. If there are some technical issues with Google Meet service then you can’t resolve it however, you can pause your efforts.
  • It is essential to check Google meet meeting code as well. Although, all Google Meet sessions are organized through links, however there may be certain cases. Therefore, you should have a healthy conversation with the meeting’s host and ensure the code is right.
  • You need to make sure that you browser is having the webcam access. Most of the browsers show a camera icon adjacent to the address bar. Go to the camera setting and check whether your camera is working or not.
  • Just quit your web browser for once and re-open the same. There are many temporary issues that can be resolved just by closing and opening the web browser. 
  • Though, Google Meet is configured to work for all browsers, however there may be some bugs with browser due to which Google Meet is not working. Therefore, it is always a wise decision to open Google Meet in any other browser to check whether it is working.
  • There may be a case that your internet connection is either slow or not working. Sometime, Google Meet stops working just because internet is running slow or not working.
  • There may be a case that your internet is not working because of a faulty router. You should restart your router to check if your internet is working.
  • You need to ensure that your microphone or webcam is working fine and fix if there are certain issues. You need to fix if Google meet isn’t working because of a faulty camera or microphone.
  • There are several bugs that can be fixed just by restarting your computer. Therefore, it is also suggested to restart your computer for once.

How to Fix Google Meet Not working on Android or iOS?

You need to check the following if Google Meet is not working on Android or iOS:

  • First of all, you need to ensure that your device is capable to meet the minimum software requirements for an optimized functionality of the app. Try opening Google Meet on the latest operating system. 
  • You should prefer using Google Meet application instead of using it in any compatible browser. 
  • Make sure that there is no Google Meet service outage as in this case you only have to wait till the issue gets resolved.
  • You are also required to check the meeting code if it is correct. For the same, you need to get in touch with the meeting’s host and confirm that code is accurate.
  • Just restart the app. Yes, you need to close the Google Meet app for once and re-launch to check if it is working.
  • All you need to uninstall the Google Meet application and re-install it to fix if there are certain temporary bugs requires to be fixed.
  • You need to check your internet connection whether it is working. Check your Wi-Fi connection or ensure if router connection is correct. Sometime, your internet connection stopped working if there is faulty router. 
  • Rebooting your router can also fix many temporary bugs and ensure smooth functionality of Google Meet application. 
  • Verify if camera of the device is working fine. 
  • It is also suggested to restart your device if the app is not working.

You would know that Google Meet is available with two versions- free and paid. There may be some restrictions in the free version and switching to the paid version can resolve many associated technical issues and ensure smooth functionality of Google Meet app.

This is all about possible reasons of Google Meet not working issue and how can you fix the same. When you know the root cause of why Google Meet isn’t working it helps you to fix the issue without any hassle.

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