Fix Coinbase App Not Working (Windows 10 PC/Android/ Iphone)

If you deal in Cryptocurrency then you might know what Coinbase is? In terms of volume, it is America’s number one Cryptocurrency Exchange. We can say that it is the easiest place to buy and sell Cryptocurrency. It is so because Coinbase is smooth, popular, and easy to use. Apart from this, Coinbase is available on multiple platforms including Windows, Android, iPhone, etc. Despite all its benefits we still can’t say Coinbase is absolutely perfect. In fact, it is also prone to numerous errors and issues.

More often than not, we can see different users complaining about the issues like Coinbase isn’t working, not loading, stopped working, etc. In today’s post, we will discuss various steps by which we can get rid of Coinbase problems with ease.

What are the common Coinbase Problems?

It is true that Coinbase works smoothly most of the time. But, sometimes, different kinds of errors and issues are reported by the users. The number of issues tends to increase whenever major market events happen like the price of cryptocurrencies rise or fall drastically. This happens because servers can’t withstand the extremely high traffic during such events.

There are many other common Coinbase issues that are often reported by the users. Given below is the list of errors and issues that are usually reported by Coinbase users every now and then.

  • Coinbase not loading
  • Coinbase status page working
  • Can’t log in to Coinbase
  • Coinbase App Unable to Connect to Server
  • Unable to run Coinbase on Windows 10 PC
  • Coinbase something went wrong 2021
  • Coinbase app not working on iPhone
  • Not receiving Coinbase SMS
  • Coinbase Crash today
  • Coinbase is unable to verify identity
  • Not receiving Coinbase email
  • Coinbase unable to withdraw
  • Coinbase app not working
  • Not receiving verification code from Coinbase
  • Coinbase login issues
  • Coinbase password not working

All the issues mentioned above are reported by users on a regular basis. Such issues render users unable to sell or buy Cryptocurrency on Coinbase and result in loss. So, if you are also dealing with similar problems then you should try to fix the problem as soon as possible. Thankfully, you can resolve most of these problems quite easily if you know the right process to do so.

How to Fix Coinbase not working on Windows 10 PC?

In this article, we will show how you can resolve the Coinbase not working issue on various devices. Let’s start with a PC. You may follow the steps listed below in case you are unable to use Coinbase email on Google Chrome or any other web browser on a Windows 10 PC/ Laptop.

Check your Internet Connection

  • First and foremost, you need to make sure that your device has a stable internet connection.
  • If you are not connected to the internet then contact your ISP and get it fixed.

Check your browser

  • It is crucial to run Coinbase on a compatible browser to use all its features and function.
  • Luckily, Coinbase runs well on most browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • Those who are trying to run Coinbase on an incompatible browser need to switch their browsers and try again.

Add-ons and Plugins

  • There are some plugins available on the internet that can interrupt the proper workflow of Coinbase.
  • In case you also have such a plugin installed on your browser then you should remove the same.
  • Identifying the problematic add-on can be hectic. You will have to run Coinbase repeatedly after disabling each plugin.

Run Coinbase on incognito mode

  • Another thing that you can try in order to fix Coinbase is running the same in your browser’s incognito mode.
  • If you are using Google Chrome then you can open the incognito mode by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N keys simultaneously on your keyboard.
  • Running your browser in this mode nullifies the effects of incorrect settings and add-ons.

Check Coinbase Server Status

  • It is possible that you might not be the only one who is facing the Coinbase problem.
  • Many a time an issue with the Coinbase server renders thousands of users unable to use the server.
  • Thankfully, Coinbase has a dedicated page where you can check the server status whenever you want.
  • Check the status page and confirm that Coinbase is not experiencing major outages preventing users from using the service.

Switch device

  • In case the problem continues even after trying the above then you may consider switching the device.
  • When you the switch device make sure it has a compatible browser installed on it.

Fix the Coinbase app not working on Android/ iPhone

Whenever we are on the go, we like trading using Coinbass on our mobile. Coinbase has a dedicated for Android and iOS users. Things can be utterly irritating if Coinbase app stops working on your device. Check the troubleshooting steps to resolve such problems.

  • Check and confirm that you are connected to the internet.
  • Confirm that your device (android or iOS) is not on airplane mode. In this mode, you can’t get connected to the Internet. Hence, can’t use the Coinbase app.
  • Clear the Cache and cookies of your Coinbase app and try to run the same once again.
  • Refresh the Coinbase page and log into your account, and see if the page finally loads for you.
  • Make sure that there is enough storage space available on your device to run the application smoothly.
  • Check and confirm that you have provided all the required permission to the Coinbase app. This app wants you to give the following permissions – Camera, Contacts, Phone, Storage, flashlight, wifi-connection, etc.

We believe that you will be able to resolve the Coinbase issue after trying the solutions mentioned in this post. However, if the problem persists then you may contact Coinbase Customer Support to get more advanced solutions.

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