Bellsouth not working: Know 10 Best solutions to fix Bellsouth email errors and Issues

Bellsouth not working Today: It is true that many services of Bellsouth are now merged with AT&T. Still, you can use your email account with ease. You just need to log in through the AT&T website. However, this change is not going smooth for many users. It is not at all rare to see various users complaining that Bellsouth email is not working for them.

Not being able to use your email account when you are looking to send or receive important emails can be utterly irritating. So, if you are encountering any problem related to Bellsouth email then you should try to get rid of the same as soon as possible. Go through this post to know more about Bellsouth email errors and issues. Here, we will provide you with 10 easy solutions to fix Bellsouth not working problem in the easiest possible manner.  

Common Problems and Issues with Bellsouth Email

It is true that there is no email service in the world that is completely immune to all kinds of issues. Some technical and non-technical hiccups here and there are inevitable. The service of Bellsouth including emails have improved a lot after its merger with AT&T. Still, there are some common email problems that you might have to deal with every now and then. The list of these problems is as follows. 

  • Unable to log in to Bellsouth email account anymore
  • Bellsouth email password not working
  • Bellsouth not accepting my username or password
  • I am unable to send or receive emails with my Bellsouth account
  • Bellsouth email not responding in iPhone/ Android Devices
  • Bellsouth email not opening on Google Chrome/ Mozilla Firefox 
  • My Bellsouth account got hacked
  • My email account is blocked by Bellsouth
  • Bellsouth email account stopped working after Windows update
  • Bellsouth email spam problem
  • Server Errors on Bellsouth email
  • Bellsouth IMAP/ POP settings not working

How to fix the Bellsouth email account not working Today?

The best way to fix a Bellsouth email problem is by identifying the route cause and then taking measures to resolve them. Here are some solutions that you can try to make Bellsouth email work flawlessly. 

Top solutions to resolve Bellsouth isn’t working 

Let’s go through some solutions that you can try in order to fix Bellsouth email account that is not working properly.  

1st Solution – Check Bellsouth Email Server

  • It is true that AT&T (Bellsouth) server works well most of the time. However, there are times when AT&T server doesn’t work well. 
  • You should check and confirm that Bellsouth email servers are not down in your area. 
  • You may ask other Bellsouth email users if the service is working well in your area. If the service is working well for other services then it indicates that there is no problem with servers.    

2nd Solution – Disable Security Program Temporarily

  • It is a wise idea to keep your device protected with antivirus and Windows Firewall. 
  • However, you should note that the Antivirus and Windows Firewall can hinder the proper workflow.
  •  To check this issue, you may temporarily disable the security program (Antivirus and Windows Firewall) and see if this resolves the problem.  

3rd Solution  – Remove add-ons and plugins

  •  It is often observed that some add-ons and plugins can also stop Bellsouth email from working properly. 
  • To fix the issue, you need to identify and remove such add-ons/ plugins. 
  • You may disable plugins one by one and see if this resolves the problem. After finding the problematic add-ons, you may disable them and enable the rest of the others.    

4th Solution – Bellsouth Email Password Recovery

  • Unable to log in to Bellsouth is one of the most common issues faced by the users. 
  • To resolve this issue, you need to make sure that you are entering the correct user ID and Password. 
  • In case you can’t sign in and receive an incorrect password error even after entering the correct one then you should run Bellsouth Password Recovery. 
  • To reset the Bellsouth password you either have to enter the temporary password that you will receive on your phone number/ alternate email ID or answer the security questions. 
  • After resetting the password, you should be able to sign in to your email account with ease.     

5th Solution – Check compatibility of the browser

  • If you are using Bellsouth or AT&T email then you might know that it is compatible with most of the popular browsers. 
  • Still, there are a few browsers that can cause problems. So, you should avoid such browsers. 
  • For the finest performance we recommend you to opt for renowned browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox.
  • At the same time, you must make sure that you are using the updated version of the browser. The Bellsouth email service may malfunction in case of using an outdated browser.    

6th Solution – Have a look at your Block List

  • Another problem that is faced by a large of users is not being able to receive Bellsouth emails. 
  • To fix this issue, we recommend you check your block list. It is possible that you might have blocked the sender mistakenly. 
  • If you want to unblock then you need to click on the “Junk Mail” followed by “Block Sender Tab”. Finally, click “Remove”.
  • In case someone else is not receiving an email sent by you then you must ask them to check their Block List. 

7th Solution – Check your spam folders

  • Those who are not receiving Bellsouth emails should also check their spam folder. 
  • Sometimes due to the inbuilt filter of the email service the important email can land in the spam folder. 
  • So, if you are also missing some emails then you should definitely check your spam folders. 
  • You may also transfer the important email present in your Bellsouth spam folder to your inbox by clicking on the same.   

8th Solution – Look for the space available in your device

  • No matter on which device you are using Bellsouth email, it should have enough storage space. 
  • Low storage space is one of the primary reasons behind problems like Bellsouth email not working on Android/ Bellsouth email not working on iPhone. 

9th Solution – IMAP/ POP Settings

  •  To be able to send or receive messages through the default mail on iPhone, you should enter the correct IMAP/ POP settings. 
  • The correct IMAP/ POP settings to use AT&T email account are as follows. 
    • IMAP Settings
      • Protocol – IMAP
      • Inbound Server –
      • Inbound port – 993
      • SSL – Yes
      • Outbound Server –
      • Outbound port – 465 or 587
    • POP Settings
      • Protocol – POP3
      • Inbound Server –
      • Inbound port – 995
      • SSL – Yes
      • Outbound Server –
      • Outbound port – 465

Note: The above settings can be used if you have an email account with any of the following domains –,,,,,,,,,,,

10th Solution – Third-Party Email Settings

  • To be able to use Bellsouth email account on various third-party email clients, you should provide the correct configuration settings. 
  • The configuration settings can vary according to various email clients. 
  • Switching to POP from IMAP or vice-versa can also help.

If none of the above steps works for you then you may seek assistance through Bellsouth email customer service.


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