AOL Email Not working on iPhone

AOL Email Not working on iPhone

AOL is a complete email service in the true sense. It has all the functions and features that we expect from an ideal email service. A large number of users around the globe prefer this email service because it works equally well on most devices including a PC, iPhone, Mac, Android, etc. However, we should also note that there is no email service that is completely immune to errors and issues. Despite all the great features, we can see different users grumbling that their AOL Email is not working on iPhone.

This post is just for you in case you are unable to use an AOL email account on an iPhone. Here, we will provide you complete information about the issues that you can face while using the AOL email on iOS devices. In addition to this, we will provide you step-by-step solutions to fix these problems with ease.

Why is AOL email not working

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us or anyone else to predict the exact reason why the AOL email isn’t working for you. There are multiple factors that can stop AOL email from working properly on an iOS device like iPhone, iPad, etc. However, there are some more likely reasons than others. We are listing some of these reasons as given below.

  • Internet connection – There is no way you can use AOL or any email properly on your iPhone without an internet connection. If there is a problem with your wifi or mobile data connection then the AOL email will stop working.
  • AOL mail servers – Sometimes, malfunctioning with AOL mail servers can also be the reason why users have to deal with problems like AOL email not opening, not loading, etc. However, you should also note the fact that the chance of AOL servers getting down is quite low.
  • Storage space in iPhone – If your iPhone is running out of storage space then you will find it difficult to run not only AOL but all applications.
  • Antivirus application – Some antivirus applications can also block AOL email from working properly. This factor is generally responsible for problems like unable to send AOL emails, not able to receive AOL emails, etc.
  • Incorrect login credentials – The most common reason why users have to face AOL login issues like unable to sign in/ log in, etc. in entering the incorrect username and password. So, those who are unable to sign in to AOL email must ensure that they are entering the correct username and password.
  • Accumulation of App cache – If your AOL mail app is not working properly on your iPhone then it is quite possible that there might be an accumulation of cache in the application.
  • Using the outdated version of app – It is also possible that the AOL application you are using on your iPhone might be obsolete that’s why it is not working properly.
  • Incorrect IMAP/ POP settings – Those who have configured AOL email on iPhone can face various kinds of issues such as unable to send AOL email on iPhone, not able to receive AOL email iPhone, etc.
  • Missing iOS updates – It is important for you to use the AOL email on the updated version of iOS because missing iOS updates can also be problematic. This factor is mostly responsible for the “AOL Mail not showing up on iPhone” issue.

Fix AOL email account not working on iPhone

Let’s discuss various troubleshooting measures that you can try in order to fix the AOL email account that is not working properly on an iPhone.

1st Solution – Turn on Airplane mode and off

The first thing you should do to fix such a problem is to turn on and off the airplane on your iPhone. Doing this is very easy; you will find the option to do so in the control panel. Turn on the airplane and turn it back off after a few minutes.

2nd Solution – Reset Network Settings

In case you have tried the first solution and wondering why is AOL mail not working on my iPhone then you can try resetting the network settings. Doing this will have more impact than just putting your phone in airplane mode. You may check out the steps if you don’t know how to reset network settings.

  • Open Settings on your iPhone and select “General”.
  • Then, scroll down and tap the “Reset” option.
  • Next, in the reset menu, you should tap “Reset network settings”. Please note that doing this will reset Wi-Fi passwords and networks, VPN and APN settings, and cellular settings.

3rd Solution – Remove the AOL account from your iPhone and configure it back again.

Those users who have configured AOL on iPhone and facing problems in sending and receiving email may remove the account and configure it back again. The steps to do the same are as follows.

How to remove AOL email from iPhone

  • Firstly, you need to open settings and tap “Accounts & Password”.
  • Now all the accounts added to your iPhone will appear. Here, you need to choose your AOL account.
  • You will enter into a new page as soon as you choose your AOL account.
  • Finally, tap the “Delete” option available at the bottom to remove the account.

Add AOL email back to iPhone

  • Open settings and tap “Accounts & password” on your iPhone.
  • Click on the “Add” option appear at the bottom.
  • Sign in by entering your correct login credentials.

4th Solution – Opt for AOL mail App for iOS

If all three steps mentioned above fail to resolve the issue you are facing then you may opt for the AOL mail app specially designed for iOS devices like iPhone. You may download and install the same through the app store.

What to do if the AOL mail app isn’t working on iPhone?

Some users may also face problems in running the AOL mail app on an iPhone. Such users may follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Update your iPhone’s software – You should note that AOL app works the best on the latest version of iOS. So, make sure you have the latest version of iOS in order to use AOL mail app smoothly.
  • Force stop and restart the app – Force stopping and restarting the app is an effective method to fix AOL mail app that isn’t working properly on iPhone. Steps to do the same are as follows.
    • Double-tap the home button.
    • Press the image of the app and swipe up.
    • Launch the app once again to see if the problem gets resolved.
  • Delete the app and install it back again – Finally, if force stopping doesn’t work then you should uninstall AOL mail app and install it back again.

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