Email Login Issue – Check why you can’t sign in to email and how to fix this problem Today

Offered by Microsoft Outlook, is one of the most famous email services in the world. It has millions of regular users who use this email service around the globe. The reason why is so famous is that it is very easy to use and safe for users. However, one problem that is often faced by users is the email login issue. 

Not being able to sign in to your account can be utterly frustrating. This can lead you to miss out on important emails. So, you should try to get rid of this problem as soon as possible. This article is just for you in case you are unable to log in to email account.  In today’s post, we are going to share easy solutions to fix email sign in problems.

Why you can’t sign in to account?

Most of the users think that forgetting the password is the only reason why users have to deal with login issues. But, the fact is that there is a large number of reasons due to which users might have to face similar problems. Given below are some of the common factors due to which users find it difficult to sign in to a account.  

  • Internet Connection Problem – In case you aren’t unable to connect to the internet then you will not be able to sign in to your email account. 
  • Entering incorrect password –  You should note that the password of Outlook or is case sensitive. So, if your caps lock or number lock key is pressed then you may have to face login problems. 
  • Forgetting the password – Those who don’t know their password won’t be able to sign in to their email account. Fortunately for them, it is very easy to reset their account password.  
  • Check your browser – email works flawlessly with most of the web browsers. However, there are some browsers that can also be problematic. Those who are using such browsers can face multiple problems including sign-in issues. 
  • Outdated browser – Apart from being compatible, the browser you are using should also be outdated. Using an obsolete browser is one of the most common reasons why users have to face various problems related to 
  • Add-ons and Plugins – Installing various add-ons and plugins to your web browser can make your internet browsing experience better. However, these add-ons/ plugins can cause a lot of trouble for the users. 

How to fix email sign-in problems?

As listed above, there are various factors that can cause email login issues. Now, let’s go through the step by step solutions to fix sign-in issues in email. 

Check for Incorrect Password Entries

  • Try to log into your email account and make sure that you are entering the correct password. 
  • Check and confirm that all caps buttons aren’t on. At the same time, you should confirm that you aren’t making any typos while entering the password. 

Browser Compatibility

  • There are some browsers available on the internet that are not fully compatible with So, you must confirm that you are not using such browsers to run email. 
  • For a better experience, we recommend you to opt for popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. 

Reset Password

If you can’t remember your password or if you think your account is compromised then you should recover password. Here are the steps that you can follow in order to do so. 

  • Firstly, go to the email login window and click on the “Forget Password?” button. 
  • Now, the system will verify your identity before letting you create a new password. 
  • You can verify your identity by entering the code that will receive either on your email ID or phone number. 
  • After entering the security code, you will get the option to create a new password for your account. 
  • Provide a new password for your email count and confirm it. 
  • Finally, save the changes. 

Recall your username

It is possible that you might not be able to remember your username. In such a situation you can recover your username by following the steps listed below. 

    • Go to the login page and look up your username using the security phone number or email address linked with your email account. 
    • Request a security code to be sent on your phone number or linked email account. 
    • Carefully enter the code that you will receive without making any typing mistake. 
    • Select the “Sign-in” option when you are able to find out the account you are looking for. 
  • In case you can’t find the username you are looking for then you may try to find your Microsoft account username within other products or services linked with that account. For example – you may look out for your username in Windows 10, Xbox, Office apps (Microsoft 365 or office 2016 or newer).

Disable add-ons and log in once again

  • Disable addons and plugins installed on your web browser and sign in to your email account once again. 
  • If you are able to sign in after disabling any plugin then you may consider removing it. 
  • In case the problem continues even after disabling the add-on then you may enable it back again. 

Make sure your account is not closed  

You might be facing a email account login problem because your account is closed. The account gets closed in the following two conditions. 

  • You requested an account closure and not logged into your email account for 60 days. Remember, after 60 days of account closure request your account and data expire. 
  • In case you haven’t signed into your email account for the last two years then you won’t be able to sign in. Please note that 2 years is the threshold period. You can’t log in after 2 years no matter if you requested an account closure or not.

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