How to Send Secure Emails in Gmail (Confidential Email in Gmail)

Security has always been a concern for users when it comes to communicate digitally through Email. Whether it is safe to send email in Gmail? This is a common question of users as they use email for personal as well as professional purposes where data privacy is always a concern. 

What if my Gmail account got hacked? I have shared my important password through email to someone I trust- whether it is safe? People frequently come across this question whenever they send an email. 

Gmail is a well-known email client and indeed the most secured platform to send or receive email. However, there are few precautions you should always take with your email account:

  • Create a strong password for your Gmail account. It should be a complex combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. The length of your Gmail password should be at least 12 characters. Create a unique password which is not easy to guess. 
  • Do not create similar password for multiple email accounts. It is always recommended to create unique password for your email account. In case you use multiple accounts then create a separate password for each account. 
  •  Avoid login to your email account on a public computer. 
  • Do not share your email password with anyone under any circumstances. 
  • Activate two-step verification in your Gmail account. It will give you an added level of security against unauthorized access. 
  • Keep changing your password time to time. 
  • If you find any activity suspicious in your account then quickly change your password. 

How to Send Secure Emails in Gmail?

Email and phone number have become the most crucial mode of communication today. We send our most personal data through email or SMS. Hence, there is always a concern if our email account becomes a victim of an unauthorized access. 

So, you must be careful enough while sending or receiving emails. Do not click a suspicious link received in your email. 

Apart from this, Gmail also provides some additional security features such as two-step verification and confidential email. Let’s discuss these first. 

How to Activate Two-Step Verification in Gmail?

When you turn on 2-step verification in your Gmail account then you always have to complete a second step verification to confirm that you are attempting to sign in to your account. Google will request you to complete second step of verification before you login to your account. 

Follow the steps below to activate 2-step verification in your Gmail account. 

  • You need to login to your Google account using your email ID and password. 
  • Go to Security section in your email account. 
  • Choose 2-Step Verification>Get started.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to turn on 2-step verification in your email account. 

How to Send Confidential Email in Gmail?

Google had introduced ‘Confidential Mode’ in 2018 just to add an additional level of security to your Gmail account. This feature doesn’t allow recipients to copy, forward, print or download email they receive in confidential mode. 

So, what is Gmail’s Confidential Mode?

When a user send an email in Confidential Mode then the recipient has to enter a code to read the email content. 

The recipient receives an email saying you have received a confidential message. You need to verify your identity to read the email. 

You can also choose an expiration date of your email when you send it through confidential mode. 

Have a look at the process to send a confidential email in Gmail:

Step 1: You need to first login to your Gmail account and hit the Compose button to write a new mail. Put a recipient, enter subject and mail content and click the “Confidential mode” available at the bottom of email Compose window. 

Step 2: Soon you click the confidential mode the following screen will be displayed:

You need to send an expiration date. The recipient has to enter the passcode as sent by Google. So choose the option No SMS passcode or SMS passcode and save. 

If you choose the option as SMS passcode then you have to enter the recipient’s phone number before you send the email. Make sure you enter the correct phone number of the recipient. 

It’s Time to upgrade you Gmail Account 

Not all security features offered by Gmail are accessible to free account holders. There are some exclusive security features are there for upgraded Gmail account.

If you think to grab more security as all emails are crucial then this is the right time to upgrade your Gmail account. 

S/MIME encryption if followed by both sender and receiver is the most secure way of sending and receiving emails. 

So, what is email encryption?

Email encryption is a procedure that converts your email content into a puzzle and you only have the key to crack the puzzle. The public key infrastructure is used for the purpose of encrypting and decrypting emails. 

So, these were the tips following which you can make your email account safe to use. Google always directs users to follow security guidelines as shared by them; however it is your responsibility to implement the same. 


An email client always works hard to ensure security of data shared digitally. For the same, they release various security features time to time. However, you must be careful enough and take email security seriously. I am sure nobody will be able to access your email without your permission. 


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