How to fix Skype Login Error -Check 7 easy solutions to fix Skype Sign in Issues

With the strike of the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications have increased by many folds. Skype is one such app that let you connect with users all over the Globe with Video Conferencing. However, those users who regularly operate Skype have their own set of issues. One of the most common problems is Skype login error. It is faced by thousands of users every day.  

Not being able to sign in to Skype can be extremely irritating. Imagine have troublesome the situation can be if you can’t log into skype at the time of your crucial business meeting. That’s why you should try to get rid of this error as soon as possible. In today’s post, we are going to share complete solutions to resolve your Skype sign-in error.

How to troubleshoot Skype Login Problems?

There are millions of users around the world that use Skype on the daily basis. It has become a popular platform for online meetings. Moreover, the number of users on this platform has increased considerably after the outbreak of the Covid Pandemic. Many businesses are forced to take meetings online. So, the number of users logging into skype these days is quite high.  

Out of these large number of users accessing Skype every day, a few have to deal with login issues every day. Thankfully, you can fix this problem easily by following the correct troubleshooting measures. Given below is the list of solutions that you can try in case you aren’t able to log into Skype. 

  1. Check your Internet Connection
    1. The first thing you must check is your Internet connection. Remember, you can’t use Skype in case you aren’t connected to the Internet. 
    2. If you are not able to sign in to Skype due to the “Something Went Wrong” error then it indicates that your internet connection is not smooth. 
    3. Try to open another website and see if it opens up. If the website doesn’t open up then you should check your LAN and Wifi connection. In case the problem persists then contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) 
  2. Check out the Skype Heartbeat 
    1. It is possible that there might be a glitch at Skype’s end due to which you are facing the issue. The server’s skype might be down in your area. 
    2. To check the status of Skype servers, you can open the help tab on your skype menu. 
    3. Select “Heart beat” from the dropdown menu that will open.
    4. The heartbeat option will show all the issues regarding the Skype infrastructure. Apart from this, you can use this option to check all recent issues with Skype.  
  3. Recheck your Skype Username and Password 
    1. The most common reason why users have to deal with Skype login issues is entering the incorrect username and password. 
    2. Check and confirm that you are not making any typing mistake at the time of entering the username and password. 
    3. In case you forgot Skype password then you should click on the “Forgot Password” and run Skype Password Recovery. 
  4. Update Skype
    1. You should note that the older versions of Skype were created for obsolete operating systems. 
    2. In case you are currently using an updated operating system with an outdated version of skype then you might face a login issue. 
    3. You may easily download the latest version of skype from the official website i.e.
  5. Configure Windows Firewall

If you aren’t able to sign in even after updating skype then your firewall may be the problem. Here are the steps that you can follow to resolve the issue. 

  • Make sure the Skype is closed and not running in the background. You may check that through the task manager. 
  • Next, you should open your firewall and go through the list of applications installed on your device. 
  • From this list, you need to find Skype and choose the “All Skype to connect to the Internet” option and save changes. 
  • Finally, restart skype to implement changes.  
  1. Reinstall Skype 

In case the problem continues then you may reinstall skype. Before reinstalling make sure that you take a backup of your skype account. 

  • Press “Windows + R” keys from your keyboard and enter “appwiz.cpl” in the dialogue box that will open. 
  • Right-click on the “Skype” option under the “Programs and Features” list. 
  • Now, from this menu, you must choose the “Uninstall/ Change” option and follow the instructions that will display on your screen. 
  • After uninstalling the Skype, you should remove the rest of the files. For that, you must go to c:\ Directory and open Program Files. From there, you should delete the SkypePM and Skype folders. 
  • Now, visit the official website of skype and install the latest version of Skype. Check out the following steps to load the backup and retrieve your Skype history. 
    • Close Skype and press “Windows + R” keys. 
    • Then, type “%appdata%\skype” in the Run window dialogue box and press enter. 
    • In the next step, you must put my skype received files and your name folders. 
  1. Configure Skype Connection Settings to resolve login error

In case none of the above steps works for you then you may configure Skype by following the steps listed below.

  1. Click on the “Options” button under “Tools”,
  2. Next, click on the “Connection” option available under “Advanced”.
  3. In the next step, you must enter your host and port details and use the exact proxy option. 
  4. The system will then ask you to enter your proxy server username and password. 
  5. After that, you should check the “Proxy Authentication” option and save changes. 
  6. Closing skype completely in the next step. Remember, skype should not be running in the background. Open task manager to confirm that. 
  7. Finally, restart skype to see if the error has been resolved.  

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