How Do I Fix Google Sign in Error on Android: Pro Tips to Fix Google Account Not Working on Android

Did you just get Google Sign in Error on Android? Fortunately, there is a way you can fix this issue. Have a look at the possible reasons first and later I’ll discuss a common way to get out of this. 

Reason 1: Did you forget your Google account password.

Reason 2: Di you forget your username or email id.

Reason 3: You know your login credentials but still facing error like Google is unable to sign in.

Reason 4: You think that your account got compromised

Reason 5: Google login error is due to two-step verification

Reason 6: You are unable to reset your Google account password

We have highlighted few possible reasons behind Google Sign in error above and it will help you to know the root cause behind this mess.

Common Tips to Fix Google Sign in Error on Android

  1. Enter only correct email ID and password

Make sure that you are entering correct email ID and password. We certainly use multiple email IDs and password and this is why sometimes we are confused with our Google account ID and password. In this way, we humbly invite Google sign in error on android to occur.

  1. Check your internet connect

Sometimes we don’t know that our router has gone for a fresh walk and your internet connection has either stopped working or slow. Well, you need to check whether you are trying to sign in to your Google account with an active internet connection. 

  1. Reset your account password

You might have forgotten your Google account password and you are struggling to sign in to your account. Why don’t you reset your password? It’s quite easy to reset your password using your secondary phone number and email ID. Your secondary email ID and phone number is used to send a verification code upon entering which you’ll be allowed to create a new password for your account. 

  1. Turn off the two-step verification

If the two-step verification is active in your account then turn this off by logging in to your Google account on a computer first. Then try again. 

Is Your Google Account Disabled?

Sometimes your Google account got disabled but you are authorized to know its reasons. If your Google account is disabled then you won’t be able to access any services offered by Google and sign in to your account. 

In some cases, Google sends you an email or text message regarding your account got blocked. So, how will you troubleshoot this issue? 

Request Google to re-activate your account and if your reason is valid the Google team may consider your request. 

Your Google account is disabled due to various reasons and some of them are-

  • Your account got hijacked;
  • Due to valid legal requests;
  • Due to content violation;

Is Your Google Account Compromised?

If your answer is yes then quickly change your Google account password and make sure you create a strong password for your account. 

Do not use common passwords for multiple accounts as hackers may compromise your other accounts as well with a single password. 

Create a new password for your Google account using your registered secondary email ID and phone number. Avoid signing in to your Google account on a public computer or with unsecured internet connection. 

How Do I Fix Google Sign in Error on Android?

Finally, I am going to discuss two quick ways to fix your Google login error on Android.

  1. First Remove and Then Add Your Google Account 

Sometimes Google sign-in error on android phone occurs when your account got desynchronized with your device. This error usually occurs when you update your android device. 

In case your android device got corrupted then choose Factory reset and it will make all your android setting to its basis. Try logging to your Google account again. In most of the case Google login error was resolved when you remove and add your account again. 

  1. Disable Two-step verification 

It is always recommended to enable two-step verification to your Google account for an added level of security but sometimes it may restrict you to login to your account for security concerns. 

Therefore, it is suggested to disable two-step verification to your Google account once and you can reactivate it later.

Here is the procedure shared below to disable two-step verification:

  • You’ll need a computer to perform this operation. Open any browser like Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox in your computer and open 
  • Login to your account with valid username and password, the username is your email ID. 
  • On upper right side go to your profile image>My Account
  • Go to the Sign in and Security section and find two-step verification module. 
  • Turn off the two-step verification.

In this way you can resolve the most commonly faced issue with Google account “Google Sign in Error on Android”. In order to avoid such issue in future follow some pro tips shared below:

  • Do not login to your account on a public computer. Try logging to your account on a secured device.
  • Check your internet connection before you attempt to login to your account.
  • Always create a strong password for your Google account and keep changing it time to time. You can always change your password using your secondary email ID and password. 
  • Keep a separate password of each account in case your use multiple email accounts. 


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