Fix Google Drive Not Loading Problem – Fix Stopped Working Error on Different Devices

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service which allows Google account holders to save their files. It is a cloud storage service by which the users can save data of size up to 15 GB. The foremost benefit of Google drive is that you can sync it with different devices. For example – If you save photos from your computer to the Google drive then you can access these photos with your phone as well. Although it is very beneficial the concept of cloud storage is quite new for the users. Many users find it difficult to use features of Google on different devices like Windows PC, Mac, iOS device, Android device etc.  That’s why Google drive customer service is so essential for the users. It helps Google Drive users to enjoy all the features of Google Drive seamlessly. 

What are the benefits of using Google Drive?

Here are some of the reasons why Google Drive is so beneficial for you. 

  1. The Google Drive provides absolutely free online storage space of 15 GB. You can use this space for keeping your images, videos, audios etc. 
  2. You can not only save but also edit your files in Google Drive. It has its own version of MS Office applications such as Sheets for MS Excel, Slides for PowerPoint files and Docs for word file. 
  3. The Google Drive is compatible with almost every device such as PC, Android phone, iOS device, tablet etc. By synchronization, you can access files across different device/ platforms with ease. 
  4. If you are willing to pay some extra amount you may also increase the storage space of your Google Drive. 
  5. It is also possible to use Google Drive as a file hosting platform. You may share the link of the files saved in your Google Drive to your recipient. Additionally, you can also authorize who can view and edit your file. 

What are the common technical errors and issues with Google Drive?

As Google Drive is a very new concept for most of the users, there are quite a few errors and issues possible in this service. Some of the very common Google Drive errors faced by a large number of people are as follows:

  • Google drive login not working
  • Google Drive error 500
  • Google drive contacts not appearing
  • Corrupt files in Google Drive
  • Google drive updates not installing
  • Problems due to Google Drive folder missing
  • Google Drive not syncing mac
  • Google Drive not loading on Chrome
  • Unable to create a Google Drive phone backup
  • Google drive deleted my files
  • Google Drive Files not showing up
  • Needed More Google Drive Storage
  • How to recover permanently deleted files from google drive
  • Google Drive server error
  • Google Drive server encountered an error

You can fix all these issues by contacting Google Drive Customer Service Number. In case we can’t list down the error you are facing then you should not get panic. You can dial Google Drive Technical support number for every kind of errors related to Google Drive.   

How to troubleshoot General Google Drive Errors and issues?

Before making any drastic change to your Google Drive, there are some general troubleshooting steps that you should try.

  1. Troubleshoot your Internet connection: The first thing you should make sure is that your Internet connection is stable. In Google Drive, the files are stored on the Cloud server. If you are not connected to a good internet connection then you will not able to fetch files from the server. So, you should ensure that your wi-fi, LAN or mobile internet connection is working properly. 
  2. Reset Google Drive: Android Google drive not sync, Google drive not syncing windows 10, Google drive backup and sync not working, these are some issues that you can fix by resetting Google Drive. In order to reset Google Drive, you just need to quit and restart Google Drive application. In case your Google Drive not working on chrome properly then you need to reset the Chrome settings. 
  3. Uninstall Google Drive and Install it again: You should re-install Google Drive Application after uninstalling it if the resetting doesn’t help. In order to uninstall Google Drive, you need to open the control panel and then remove Google Drive application through “Add and remove” program option. 

Why you should Choose Google Drive Help Team?

The three steps we mentioned above will surely help you in resolving basic Google Drive glitches. However, if the technical issue continues then you need not worry. In such a situation, you can call Google Drive Customer Service Phone Number and talk to the experts. The experts will coordinate with you to identify the root of the problem. It is recommended that before you dial Google drive technical support Helpline number you should keep the Google Drive question you want to ask ready.

The most appreciated feature of Google Drive technical assistance department is that it is available for 24*7. Just give a call to Google Drive Help desk number whenever you are free and a Google drive expert will be there to help you instantly.  

How to Contact Google Drive Customer Service?

There are many convenient ways by which you can contact Google Drive support. You can choose any one of them as per your preference. At the same time, we recommend you to opt for Google Drive toll free helpline number. This reason behind this is that it is fast and less complicated to get your answers over the phone. In addition to the Google Drive phone number, you can also opt for Google Drive Support Forums. In the support forums, you can post your queries as well as you can read the queries already posted. 

Google Drive also allows its users to send their feedback. If you have any problem or complaint regarding Google Drive then you can post it in the Google Drive feedback form. Here is how to send Google Drive Feedback. 

  • Run Google Drive application and open “Settings” option. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Help”.
  • Now, click on “Send feedback”.
  • Type the problem or issue you are facing in the prescribed space and click on the “Send” button. 

After submitting the feedback form, the Google Drive Customer support team or Google Drive Technical Support team will contact you with the appropriate solution.

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