ATT Email Sending Issue -Know troubleshooting steps to fix ATT not sending and receiveemail

AT&T is one of the most reputed names in the technological world. It has carved a niche for itself by its top-notch and highly-rated products and service. Along with technical products, it also provides its customer with a secure email service. However, it is also a fact that like all other email services AT&T email also has problems of its own. Sometimes, users have to deal with AT&T email sending issues. 

There is a large number of factors due to which you might have to deal with issues such as can’t send AT&T email. The good thing is that you can get rid of AT&T email sending problems with ease if you know the correct processing of doing so. In today’s article, we will show you how you can fix problems like being unable to send AT&T emails, etc. in an easy-to-understand manner. 

How can I Fix AT&T email sending Issues?

It is very difficult to point out a single factor that would be responsible every time you face an issue while sending an email. In fact, there are multiple possible reasons that can stop you from sending an email. You need to identify the root cause of the problem and take measures to resolve it. Go through the following basic troubleshooting methods that you can try to resolve AT&T issues. 

Check Connectivity Issues

You can’t use any email service without a smooth Internet connection. As long as you are not connected to a stable internet you won’t be able to send an email. So, the first thing that you need to check is the internet connectivity. 

  • Open a separate tab on your web browser and try to open another website. If the website you are trying run fails to open then it is an indication that something is not right with your internet. 
  • Check your wifi router or modem and confirm that they have network connectivity. 
  • Confirm that all cables and wires are connected at the appropriate locations. 
  • Pick up your device and make sure that it is not working in aeroplane mode. 
  • If you are unable to send AT&T email on iPhone/ android then ensure that the device has mobile data or wifi connectivity.  

Check the Email you are trying to send

  • The size of the file you are trying to send through AT&T is within the permissible unit. 
  • In case you are trying to send a big file then we recommend you to break it into multiple smaller files and then send. Alternatively, you may store the file in Google Drive and then share a link through email. 
  • There are some formats that are not supported by AT&T email. In case you are trying to send these files through emails then you will face an error. Generally, these are executable files. You should remove these files from your email and then send them.  

Recipient to whom you are sending email

  • Check and confirm that you are not making any typing mistake while entering the email address of your recipient. 
  • In case you are getting errors like Failed Delivery, Problem Found, or Message Not Sent then it is highly possible that you are making an error while entering the recipient address. 
  • Log out of your AT&T email address and sign in once again to see if this resolves the problem. 
  • Check your blocked email addresses list. In case you have blocked the recipients then you should unblock them first and send emails once again. 
  • It is possible that you might be blocked by your recipient. So, you should contact your recipient using another method and ask them to check their block list.  
  • Go to the outbox folder of your AT&T email account. You may try to send it from that folder if the problem continues. In case there is no email in the outbox then you may move on to the next step. 

The web browser you are using 

  • One of the best things about AT&T email service is that it works great on the most popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. So, you should confirm that you are trying to send the email using a compatible web browser. 
  • Make sure that there are no unsupported add-ons and plugins installed on the browser. You should try to send an email after disabling each plugin. In this way, you will be able to find out which plugin is causing the problem. You may then disable the problematic plugin and enable the rest of the add-ons. 
  • Those who are using an outdated browser should update immediately. Using an obsolete browser is one of the major factors due to which users might have to deal with the AT&T email sending problem. 
  • To be able to use AT&T fluently on a web browser you should confirm that JavaScript is enabled on your browser.

Troubleshooting Email Programs or Apps

  • A large number of people deals with problems like being unable to send AT&T email on Outlook or other third-party applications.
  • The correct IMAP settings to run AT&T on different applications are as follows.
    • IMAP Settings
      • IMAP server –
      • IMAP Port – 993
      • Security – SSL/ TLS
      • Username – provide your complete AT&T email address
      • Password – Enter your AT&T password
    • SMTP Settings
      • SMTP server –
      • SMTP Port – 465
      • Security – SSL/ TLS
      • Username – provide your complete AT&T email address
      • Password – Enter your AT&T password

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