The Easiest Way to Import AOL Messages and Contacts into Gmail

Learn how to access AOL Messages and Contacts into Gmail – A detailed Guide.

It is quite easy to check your Gmail Messages in AOL Mail; you just need to install a plug-in into AOL mail for that. But What if you need to import AOL messages and contacts into Gmail? As Gmail is a very convenient, secure and reliable web based email service a lot of users are switching from AOL to Gmail.

Gmail offers an ample free space of 15 GB to all its users which is more than enough to keep your messages and contact intact. In case you are also willing to switch from AOL to Gmail, then keep reading this article as here we are providing simple instructions to import AOL Messages and contacts into Gmail.

Import AOL Email and Contacts into Gmail.

It is fairly simple to import messages and contacts from AOL to Gmail, but before you start importing you should copy all messages which you want to import into AOL Mail “Saved Mail” folder (or another custom folder).

Follow the steps mentioned below to import AOL Email and contacts into Gmail

First of all, you need to set up AOL Account into your Gmail

  • Login to your Gmail Account.
  • Open setting by clicking the gear icon from the top right corner.
  • Click “Import mail and contact” under “Account and Import” tab.
  • Now you will be asked “What account do you want to import from”. Enter your AOL email Address and click “Continue”.
  • For the verification of your identity, now you will be asked to enter your AOL mail Password. Enter AOL password and click “Continue”
  • As soon as you enter the AOL Password, you will find three options i.e. “import mail”, “import contacts” and “Import new mail for next 30 days”. Check the right option as per your requirement.
  • (Optional)You can “Add Label” to the imported emails if you want. A label will help you find the Imported AOL emails easily.

Note: The “Add label” option will only label your emails. Your contacts are not labeled using this option. However, Email imported from AOL folders will automatically get label with the name of same folder from which they are imported.

 Step 8: Click “Start Import” followed by “Ok”.

That’s it; it’s all you need to do in order to import AOL messages and contacts into Gmail.

Precautions while Importing AOL messages and contacts into Gmail

  1. Before starting to import your AOL message to Gmail, you should copy your emails from sent, Drafts, spam folder to “Saved Folder” as messages in sent, draft or spam folder will not be imported.
  2. Even after importing the message to Gmail, your AOL Mail account will keep all your messages and contacts.

Alternate method to Import AOL contact into Gmail

In case you are finding it difficult to import AOL Contact into Gmail by the above-mentioned steps then there is an alternate method as well.  Gmail allows a user to import contacts using a CSV file as well.

Follow the steps given below to import AOL contact into Gmail using CSV file.

Step 1: Export AOL contacts to CSV

  • Log in to your AOL mail Account.
  • Select the AOL mail contact to be exported.
  • In case you want to import all contacts then click “Select all” from the top left corner.
  • Click “Export”.
  • Choose CSV file format under file type.
  • Select the location to save your CSV file
  • Click “Export” option and all you AOL contact will be saved in CSV file.

Step 2: Importing Contact from CSV file to Gmail.

  • First of all, log in to your Gmail account.
  • Click on “Gmail” button from the top left corner.
  • Click “Contacts”.
  • Select “More” dropdown and Click “Import”.
  • Choose “CSV or vCard File”.
  • Browse the location in which you have saved your CSV file during step 1.
  • Select the CSV and Click “Import”.

Gmail will let you know how many contacts are imported after the importing process gets completed.

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