The best way to delete an individual Email Message in Gmail

Know how to delete a single email message from a Gmail conversation

Users often use Gmail to have long email conversations as it offers a very clean user interface and a secure medium of communication. But sometimes the problem occurs when you decide to forward a long conversation on Gmail to a third person but some of the messages in the conversion don’t go well together or you just don’t want them to be forwarded. In such scenarios, you have to find a way to delete them.

Thankfully, Gmail let you delete an individual Email message from a conversation. It should be noted that in order to delete an individual Email message you need to be logged via web version of Gmail. As the functionality of the app is limited this feature is not available in the Gmail App version.

Benefits of being able to delete an individual Email Message in Gmail

  1. Let you filter the messages to be forwarded: If you want to forward the entire conversation to a third person but there are some messages in the conversation that you don’t find appropriate for forwarding then you can delete each and every unwanted message individually.
  1. Now, Let you store the important messages: In case the conversation is full of non-relevant messages and all you want is to store the important ones out of them then this feature can help you filter all the non-relevant messages.
  1. Let you save storage space: Only a limited storage is available in Gmail, so it is obvious that you don’t want it to be occupied with worthless messages. However, deleting an entire conversation can also lead to the loss of important messages. That’s why it is recommended that you should keep deleting useless email messages to save your Gmail storage space.

 How to Delete an Individual E-mail Message in Gmail

Follow the steps mentioned below to easily delete the E-mail messages in Gmail.

  • First of all, log in to your Gmail account and open the conversation from which you want to delete the message.
  • If you are not able to see the complete message then you can expand it.
  • Click on the down arrow available right next to the reply button under the message title bar. If you can’t see the reply button or down arrow. Then you can find it by clicking “More Options”.
  • Click on “Delete this message” from the opened menu.

That’s it; you have successfully deleted an individual message from a gmail conversion. You can repeat this process if you want to delete additional messages individually.

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