Learn How To Recover Your Gmail Account Password In Few Easy Steps

Sometimes, while working with Gmail, it might occur that you forgot your password. May be for security reasons, you were frequently changing your password and now you don’t know what was the most recent password you used. May be you are signing in into your Gmail account after a very long time and do not remember the password. Doesn’t matter, how and why you lost your Gmail password, you can always recover a forgotten Gmail password.

Steps To Recover Gmail Password

Google provides you numerous ways to recover your Gmail password. Some of the simplest ways are mentioned below:f

Go to Gmail and enter your mail id. Click on forgot password. The Google will provide you the following options for password recovery:


  1. Enter last password: You can enter the last password you remember. After this, Google will ask you to get a verification code on your Google account recovery phone number that you provided while creating your Gmail account.
  2. Get verification code: You can directly select the option to get verification text or call on the recovery phone number. You will see last 2-digits of your recovery phone number and will have to provide the complete number. You will get the Gmail forgot password verification code and by entering the same, you can recover your password.
  3. Recover Gmail password without a recovery phone number: In case you do not have the access to the recovery phone number, you can recover your Gmail login password by answering certain basic questions related to your Gmail account. You need to provide the month and year when you created your account and after that you will have to enter any email address that you have access to. Google will send a verification code to that email id using which you can log in to your Gmail. However, Google will get back to you within 3-5 business days to make sure that you and not someone else has changed your password and is using your account.

Gmail Password Recovery In Android Phone

  • Go to your Gmail log in page in your Android mobile. Click on ‘Need Help?’ icon and you will go to direct the Google Account Recovery page.
  • Check on the option ‘I don’t know my password’ and provide the email id for which you are trying to recover password.
  • Click on ‘Continue’.
  • Provide the last password you remember or skip this step by clicking on ‘I don’t know button’.
  • You will get password recovery options using recovery email address or phone number.
  • You can ask for a recovery code on your recovery email or a text message or an automated phone call on your recovery phone number.

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