Invite people to your Google calendar event

Here’s how to create a Google calendar event and send invitations in Gmail

If you have used Google Calendar before then you must know how useful it can be in tracking your events and sharing your whole calendar with other users. But do you know it also provides you options to invite people to a particular calendar event? For example- if you are sending a message to someone (or several people) informing them about a particular event then you can also create a Google invitation for that particular event within the message. In addition to this, you can create a Google Calendar event from an email and invite your Gmail contacts to that event.

What makes it better from sharing the whole calendar is that by sharing a particular event the recipients will not have the access to your other events. The recipients will be able to view the particular event, modify it or invite other people. Additionally, you will have the complete control over what an invitee can do in your event.

How to add people to your Google Calendar event?

 Follow the steps given below to invite people to your Google Calendar event.

  1. First of all, you need to sign-in to Gmail and open Google Calendar.
  2. Choose the event to edit.
  3. Click on Edit (Pencil icon).
  4. Open the “Guest section” from the right-hand side.
  5. Start typing the name of the person you want to invite. Google will start to autosuggest you the contacts. Select the contact you want to add. If the person is not added to your Google contact then you can simply type his/her email address.

Note: To mark a guest as optional, you just need to click on the person’s icon next to the name of the guest. Hover your cursor over the name of a guest if you can’t find the person’s icon.

  1. Finally, click on “Save” when you are done with editing your event.

An email invitation will be sent to your guests when you save your event.

Points to remember

  • When you add a new guest to your event and save the guest list, the existing invitees that are already on your guest list will not be notified. For example:- If you have invited Steve and David yesterday now you came to invite Mark today then only Mark will be notified this time around.
  • You can also invite a group to your google calendar event. You need to select the group or enter the email address of group in step 5.

Track Responses to your Google Calendar event

The guests who will receive your invitation email can respond with a “Yes”, “No” or “May be” to your event. To see who has responded to your event all you need to do is open your Google calendar and click on the event. Here, you will see who’s attending the event, RSVP status and other details. In case you also use other calendar services like outlook calendar, iPhone calendar etc. along with Gooogle calender then you should Synchronize Google Calendar along with the other calendars. This will help you track the responses in a better way.

Inviting People to your Google calendar event on Android

You can also invite people using the Google Calendar app.

  1. To start with, open the Google calendar app from your smart phone.
  2. Open the event for which you want to invite the guests.
  3. Tap on Edit button (Pencil icon)
  4. Tap on invite people.
  5. Enter the name or email address of the guest you are looking to invite.
  6. Tap on “Done” followed by “Save”.

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