Import Your Yahoo Mail and Contacts to Gmail – A Complete Guide

Switching from Yahoo mail to Gmail? Learn how to do it effortlessly.

There was a time when there was no match to yahoo email services but gradually, with a better user interface and features Gmail outclassed the yahoo mail. Many users having a yahoo mail account looking to switch toward Gmail but are reluctant due to the risk of losing all the contacts and emails saved in yahoo. Fortunately, there is a very simple method available by which you can import your yahoo Mail and contacts to Gmail easily.

If you are also looking to switch over to Gmail from Yahoo Mail, then this article can be immensely helpful for you.  As here, we have discussed how to import your yahoo mail and contacts to Gmail effortlessly.

Importing Yahoo Mail and contacts to Gmail

Switching from Yahoo Mail to Gmail is not a very stressful task; all you need is a fully active Gmail account and emails to be imported in yahoo inbox folder.

Follow the steps mentioned below to transfer your yahoo mail and contacts to Gmail.

Step – 1: Setting up yahoo account in your Gmail.

  • First of all, log in to your Gmail Account and click settings gear icon from the top right corner of the page.
  • Open “Accounts and Imports” tab and click “Import Mail and contacts”.
  • Now a new pop up window will open, enter your yahoo email address in the designated space and click “continue”.
  • Once you will click “continue” you will be asked to login to your yahoo mail account in order to confirm your identity.

Step -2 Transfer yahoo mail and contacts to Gmail.

  • After you login to your yahoo mail account, you will be asked to provide ShuttleCloud access.
  • Click “Agree” to give access to Shuttlecloud.
  • Now, you will get the “authentication successful” message and will be asked to close the window.
  • Once you close the window you will get back to the Gmail import option page.
  • Here you will get three options i.e.” Import contacts”, “Import mail” and “Import new mail for next 30 days”.
  • Choose whatever you want to import and click “Start Import” button.
  • Now a confirmation will appear on your screen confirming the transfer and estimated time to see the imported messages in Gmail.
  • Finally, click “ok” to finish and window will be automatically closed.

That’s it; now you will be able to see your yahoo mail and contacts to Gmail once everything will be imported.

Points to Remember

  1. It is important to move emails from draft, trash, spam folder in to your yahoo inbox before you import your yahoo mail or contacts to Gmail as emails in these folders will not be transferred.
  2. Importing yahoo mail or contact to Gmail is a slow process it may take up to 2 days before you finally able to see the imported content.
  3. You can also check the progress of importing process under the “import mail and contacts” tab in your Gmail setting. Here, you can also stop importing if you want.
  4. Once importing will be completed Gmail will create a new label (with the name of your yahoo mail id) for the imported content. You can delete it if you want.
  5. Please remember that the above mentioned steps will only import your yahoo mail and contacts to Gmail that is already in your yahoo inbox. It will not import the new incoming emails to your yahoo mail inbox.

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